Montana Jews Call for Goyim to Display Menorah in Window for Holidays


The Jewish attack on Richard Spencer’s mother has created a difficult situation for Jews, who have now been exposed as the bad guys.

So, to prevent another Holocaust, the bad goyim must kowtow to Jewish religious customs in order to remind themselves of the Jew’s suffering.

Whether it’s his intention or not, Andrew Anglin is creating support for Jews by his “take action” trolls and his threat of an armed march through Whitefish. Jews in Israel are probably writing checks to support the Whitefish cabal as I write these words.

Times of Israel

Montana faith leaders speak out in support of beleaguered Jewish community
Rise in white supremacist and anti-Semitic acts sparks calls for solidarity with minorities from locals

Leaders of various faiths in Montana wrote statements in support of the Jewish community in local publications.


“As leaders of Montana communities of faith and practice, we are called to respond to the recent surge of white supremacist and neo-Nazi activity in our state. Distribution of pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic flyers in Missoula and intimidation of Jewish community members in the Flathead Valley moves us to speak out against actions of those who attack the Jewish citizens of our state, and any other minority group, with false assertions and threatening language,” read a statement published Sunday in the Daily Inter Lake, a newspaper serving Northwest Montana. It was co-signed by about 50 reverends, deacons, rabbis and pastors.

The statement called on people across Montana to display a menorah in a home window during the holiday season.

“Find one at a local store, print a paper copy from the Internet, or find one in the local newspaper. The menorah is a symbol of light and wisdom. In this time of transition and challenge, it represents the need to support each other in the work of peace-making, reconciliation and justice,” the statement said.


It also called on lawmakers to “protect the rights of all citizens by enacting laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion, ethnicity, race, and gender.” It also urged law enforcement officials to “closely monitor bias incidents and act swiftly to protect our citizens,” and on schools to teach tolerance.

A statement published Monday in the Montana Standard, titled “Missoula Catholics stand with Jewish community,” read: “Again from the depths of darkness, from the ‘netherworld’ of fear, our Jewish sisters and brothers are threatened with hate, discrimination and violence in our own Missoula community and in other parts of Montana. Such attitudes and threats, no matter how few, can never be tolerated or ignored, for they plant the seeds of a cold-hearted darkness which threatens the beauty and wonder of a truly human spirit and the very life and freedom of every person.”

The statement was signed by Catholic pastors, priests, deacons, sisters, pastoral administrators and parish staffs and Catholic school administrators of the Missoula Deanery, who it said: “stand with our Jewish neighbors and friends in solidarity, support, mutual caring, faith and hope. We choose, with them, to be seen in the light, affirming hope ‘as high as the sky.’ We choose, with them, not to be silent but to be the word of God echoing in the night, as a promise of light, liberation and mutual respect.”

“Our friends light again the lights of Hanukkah, remembering the dwelling place of God renewed — God who entered again the temple of hope. With them we long for light to burst through the darkness of hatred, to burn anew, like the lights of Hanukkah, unextinguished unto the eighth day of a new age of justice and safety, as a sign to bolster courage when faith falters or hope dies,” the statement said.

An elderly man was identified as the person who last month distributed American Nazi Party fliers in residential neighborhoods of Missoula, prompting a local synagogue to ask for increased police protection.

The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist publication, published a blog post earlier in the month calling for followers to “take action” against Jews in Whitefish, Montana, home to white supremacist Richard Spencer, by writing and calling them with anti-Semitic messages. The post included the names, phone numbers and addresses of Jewish Whitefish residents — in addition to the Twitter handle and photo of a child. Last week, the website announced it would hold an armed march against Jews through the town.

The important thing is this Jew-created mess is that Richard Spencer’s mother keep her building and not suffer financially because of Richard’s political and racial beliefs. All else is secondary.

Any scores that need to be settled in Whitefish can be settled later.

9 thoughts on “Montana Jews Call for Goyim to Display Menorah in Window for Holidays

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  2. This is what it means to say, “bring it on!” Either mean it or kowtow to the vermin. Going to argue semantics. You lose. The meanings are guarded by duplistuc language. (Legalese)
    You confront Goliath and cut his damned head off, or you go to your houses like an egg sucking dog.

  3. I like this lead quote from the Times of Israel “Montana faith leaders speak out in support of beleaguered Jewish community. Rise in white supremacist and anti-Semitic acts sparks calls for solidarity with minorities from locals.” How disingenuous and deceiful can these people be? No one would have ever heard of Whitefish or Spencer’s mother if that one busy-body jewess, Gersh, had not tried to extort the mother. This story has been spread world-wide. The Israel Times article is presenting this issue as though there are armies of anti-Semitic Nazis marching through Whitefish and rounding up jews zee gas chambers. Christ, what a rotten, vile, deceitful fraud these jews are perpetrating on everyone. I am all for the Daily Stormer march that is planned for Whitefish.
    Here is an interesting tidbit. Montana is a red state, but has islands of blue. The link below is to a graphic called “Hillary’s Archipelago”. This graphic is a map of the USA showing those areas that voted for Hillary. Sadly, in Montana, the city of Whitefish and the whole surrounding area is blue as is a narrow corridor due south from Whitefish and Silver Bow County which is where Butte, Montana is located. The jews and their goy fellow-travelers are everywhere.,compress&q=75

  4. “The statement called on people across Montana to display a menorah in a home window during the holiday season.”

    I call on all Jews to display a Holy Cross during the Easter season.

  5. “during the holiday season”.
    Jew Spew. The season they are talking about is the Christmas Season. A menorah is a false idol.

  6. I don’t agree. Everybody else marches against white people. The jews initiated the attack on one our leader’s mother, and that is severe enough to warrant militant tactics in return. The more we can keep the theme that the jews are evil in the headlines, the better chance we have of recruiting young white people.

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