Gorillas in the Mall: Chicongo Area Mall Shut Down as HUGE Brawl Erupts, with Similar Brawls Across USA

Brawls broke out in malls all across the USA on Monday, December 26, 2016. The video above shows what happened in Chicongo.

The fisticuffs, chair throwing, and general mayhem that occurred involved young ladies and gentlemen of color.

CNN blames the schools. The kids have nothing to do because they’re on Christmas vacation, so naturally they do with everyone does who’s bored–start brawls.

Shame on you schools. No more vacations for these young scholars. OK?

Let’s take a look at another brawl, this one in Fort Worth, Texas:


(CNN)Disturbances that included gunfire, massive brawls and food-court fights played out at more than a dozen malls across the country in what proved to be a chaotic day after Christmas.

The disturbances, some of which were captured on social media, prevented some shoppers from clearing off clearance racks and returning Christmas gifts as they intended.

The mall incidents, which ranged from minor melees to mass evacuations, occurred nationwide from Colorado to Tennessee, Texas to New Jersey. Here’s what happened at six of those malls.

monkey too funny

Aurora, Colorado
It all started with a social media post that promised a fight at the Town Center at Aurora.

Aurora Police Department spokesman Sgt. Chris Amsler said about 100 people had gathered in the food court before the brawls broke out — prompting the Colorado mall to close early on Monday afternoon..

“(It) kind of morphed into this large disturbance,” Amsler said.
When off-duty police officers working as security guards tried to break up a fight, people circled the officers, who called for backup, Amsler said.

As police officers on duty arrived, fights broke out throughout the mall, at a movie theater and at a nearby park-and-ride lot, he said.

Memphis, Tennessee
In Memphis, Tennessee, seven people were arrested after incidents at two malls, CNN affiliate WMCA reported.

Police said a group started a disturbance in the Wolfchase Galleria food court and started running, which prompted some customers to call 911, WMCA said.

Fayetteville, North Carolina

In Fayetteville, North Carolina, people panicked after teenagers fought in the food court, Fayetteville police spokesman Shawn Strepay told CNN affiliate WRAL. No shots were fired, despite reports of gunfire, Strepay said.

And the list goes on at CNN.

NBC Chicago

Police said six people were in custody in relation to the incident Monday night, but it was unclear if they would be charged with anything.

Yareli Vargas works at the mall in the food court and saw much of the commotion.

“There was a bunch of kids fighting and the security guards were trying to break them up,” she told NBC 5.

Vargas said stores started closing as the tussle ensued.

“They all started running upstairs away from the cops and some of them were fighting the cops and then they evacuated everybody out here,” she said.

Twitter users reported a large fight at the mall. Video from the scene show frantic people running down escalators, police attempting to break up a large crowd and a large amount of police cars responding the scene.

“It was like a bunch of kids too,” Vargas said. “It was about 200 people in just one little aisle trying to see everything.”
Similar incidents have been reported at malls across the country from New York to Ohio.

More. From North Carolina:


FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Fayetteville police said there was no evidence that shots were fired at the Cross Creek Mall prior to an evacuation Monday evening.

Authorities said that a confrontation began in the mall food court at about 4:40 p.m. Fayetteville Police said several people called 911 saying they heard what they thought were gunshots.

“It originally came out as a robbery call. We have confirmed no robbery has happened. As officers were in route, they got calls that there were shots being fired inside the mall,” said Shawn Strepay with the Fayetteville Police Department.

Police believe the panic started with a fight between teenagers in the food court and escalated.

“Once people start running in that area or chairs are getting knocked over, tables, that sort of thing, that echoes and it could resemble the sound of a gunshot to a lot of people,” Strepay said. 6

Despite what police said, many who were at the mall remain convinced they heard gunshots

“I’m not sure if anybody got shot, but I know he put the gun up in the air and shot up,” witness Javier Alejandro said.

Read more at http://www.wral.com/authorities-no-shots-fired-at-cross-creek-mall/16376960/#YXr3hCO1U3O6TZcU.99

Still more. From New Jersey:


ELIZABETH, New Jersey (WABC) — Chaos and panic erupted in a mall in New Jersey Monday after a large fight broke out.

It happened at the The Mills at Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth.

City officials in Elizabeth said there was no shooting in the mall, although that was the initial report that came in. Police say the fight broke out in the food court. No shell casings were found, and there were no gunshot victims. The loud noise was the sound of a chair slamming down on the floor during the chaos.

“It was like 13 of us in the bathroom with a baby,” said Tiamoyia White

White said that somebody yelled ‘shooter,’ and after that, everybody just ran.

A couple of people were injured as they tried to evacuate the mall. Videos posted on social media show a stampede-like scenario play out.

Even more. From Connecticut:

News Times

MANCHESTER, Conn. (AP) — State and local police have responded to a melee at a Connecticut shopping mall and arrested several people.

Authorities say fights broke out Monday evening at The Shoppes at Buckland Hills mall in Manchester. There were no immediate reports of any serious injuries.

Manchester police Capt. Chris Davis posted on his Twitter account that several hundred teenagers were in the mall at the time and there were several fights. He says several people were arrested and the mall was evacuated.

Davis says authorities are still trying to sort out what happened.

5 thoughts on “Gorillas in the Mall: Chicongo Area Mall Shut Down as HUGE Brawl Erupts, with Similar Brawls Across USA

  1. This story is profiled on Drudge today. These f*cking apes are a plague. I foresee a lot more dead malls in our future. I am very curious as to how the mudman will behave once The God Emperor is on office.

  2. Those top two videos are pathetic. 10 seconds and 6 seconds of nothing. There was no “huge brawl” in these videos. I saw better in my almost all white high school.
    This is known as click bait and something I am not keen on. The MSM (online) does this all the time. I was baited, I clicked and now both videos count as having more hits. Do not click them unless it is too late for you!

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