Fired Negro Employee Claims Versace has Secret Code for Black Customers

Haha. Racial profiling by a secret code.

Why not, since blacks are far more likely to shoplift and waste everyone’s time than other customers.

Versace is a shit company though. That photo above is one of their ads.


Versace secretly alerts staffers when an African-American person enters the store … according to an ex-employee who claims the company also dissed his fashion sense and then canned him.

The man worked in a Bay Area store, and in a lawsuit says a manager told him about a store code called “D410,” which was used to casually let co-workers know a black person was present — as in, we got a D410 in menswear.

BTW … that’s the code for all black shirts in Versace stores … according to the suit.

The employee says he shocked the manager by responding, “You know that I’m African-American?”

He says after that revelation they refused to give him rest breaks, and fired him after just 2 weeks. In the suit, he says he was told he was canned because he hadn’t “lived the luxury life.”

Translation: you got no swag, son.

He’s suing for unpaid wages and damages. Versace denied the allegations, and has already filed a request for dismissal of the suit.

12 thoughts on “Fired Negro Employee Claims Versace has Secret Code for Black Customers

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  2. Yeah secret code….”heads up everybody, keep your hands on your wallet and keys, if necessary make sure you have a full clip on your sidearm, niggers have entered the building!”

  3. This is not unusual. Many businesses have codes for the negro. They are such a nuisance and pose such a threat/danger, businesses feel they must take precaution to be aware of their presence. Of course, this practice is not announced or advertised. I have a friend who is an LEO and many LEO’s refer to negroes as Mondays, as in I do not like Mondays. Sad that we have to do these things, because erectus walks among us.

  4. The photo above, like the marriage proposal to a child, always shows the Nigger laughing. The photo always shows the shiksa in shock or not smiling. Some hidden meaning? Maybe that the Coon is very happy to score a shiksa and the blond is in distress and worried about how long she will live and how many niglets she must pop out. No more yoga, pilates, cats and (((self actualization))) for her! Just being rammed hard by nigger dick with no contraception or abortion allowed. Plus the nigger will not work and will sponge on welfare. For this he must pretend to live somewhere else, so no childcare for the loving deadbeat Coon dad. Just fucking whenever he is in the mood. Coons seem a lot like Muzzies, I guess that is why many Coons are Muzzies.

    PS I hope the Coon loses the lawsuit even though I hate fashion houses and everything to do with them. I hate “minority” lawsuits much more.

    • The reason for the laughing smile may be to make the black man look less dangerous.
      These photos, like Hollywood movies, are trying to convince white women to marry Coons. This is a hard sell, even to libretards and SJWs and Antifas.

  5. My sister sent me a link to this website after telling me that she didn’t want the Versace Christmas dress ( a gift that I saved up to buy for her). ‘And other reasons’. I didn’t know what that meant. But now having read the article and the comments, I’m absolutely horrified. I can’t believe the cruelty and racial slurs on here. To me, it’s extremely ignorant and sad for people to judge others on the basis of their skin colour. In 2016.

    • Melaine you are confused. Versace is race aware, but only to protect their valuable goods in the store from robbery and to protect their staff from being knifed and shot. The people here are thinkers that believe in the truth, which the Jew owned Media hides from people like you. If you like Coons and Niggers – well go to their sites and have fun there. I prefer to talk to other white people who are aware of the danger of the black attack.
      Jesse Jackson much prefers seeing white faces at nighttime in the street to seeing black ones. He is not racist, he just does not want to die a sudden and horrible death.
      The black crimes are the horror and the cruelty – not the words of those that point them out.
      There is very little ignorance here. Study some more articles and learn. Then check the facts elsewhere which I have often done. E.g a 23 year old white Norwegian raped by two dark skinned men in one night in London. A woman I know said this was bullshit so I showed her the link in the mainstream Media. the story is true. The two dark men did not know each other.

  6. We definitely have a race issue in America. Look at the crime stats. Look at the social issues ranging from illegitimate births to urban decay. You’ll note one race contributes more than an equal share. Determine then which race is more to blame for spreading misery (in spite of billions being spent to alieviate the conditions). When does tolerance end and blantant stupidity begin? How long can patience hold out against an unwillingness and refusal to cooperate and a persistance that every allowance only be one sided?

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