Negroid Husband Bragging on White Wife Gets Pushback on Twitter

Remember the State Farm interracial pedophile ad? That’s a screenshot from it above.

That State Farm ad drew strong rebuke (and some support) on Twitter.

It inspired the fool below to post a photo of his interracial family.

He may be regretting it.

It’s Christmas. I’m supposed to be nice, but I’ve been naughty instead.

Others responded too:

True, making fun of ugly race traitors isn’t an answer to our problems. Not until we all shun these degenerates will the white culture send the strongest possible message.

In fact, let’s make miscegenation illegal, as it was until the Supreme Court outlawed it in 1967. Mixed race relationships are an abomination and a detriment to society.

5 thoughts on “Negroid Husband Bragging on White Wife Gets Pushback on Twitter

  1. Actually sir you may have hit the nail on the head here. Because women are social creatures laughter, disdain, and mockery inflict a much more powerful impact against them than would against a man. Belittling these mudsharks is a massive shiv right to their inner core and would definitely cause a reaction from other females who would observe it. They have no defense against humor and sarcasm…they might “puff up like a toad” as a ex-girlfriend used to say but in the end they have nothing to come back with. The normal platitudes and talking points would probably only sound empty and weak to those around. I loved the “whupped with an ugly stick” response!! 1) because its true, 2) it hits right at the point, and 3) what possible response do they have? I think you have a wonderful idea here and, the best part is, it only takes a little observation and wit to pull it off perfectly. Well done sir!!

  2. Penebaker much lighter in his family photo…a high percentage White, maybe? Look at two of the kids who really do look White. Suppose he could go either way choosing a female, except he looks black.

  3. Yes the white woman is ugly. However there are lots of ugly white men also so she could have found a man. She did not have to reach in to the tar barrel.

    He that touches pitch, shall be defiled.

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