Jews Take Over Pro-Trump #deploraball Social Movement Creating Tweetstorm of Disgust

I have to admit I’m a little in the dark about what’s been going on today regarding a social movement called Deploraball that I haven’t followed closely.

Deploraball was created for Trump supporters to celebrate his inaugaration, apparently by a Tweeter called @BakedAlaska. It’s a meet up in D.C., which you can read about at the website.

Jew Trump supporter and Internet star Mike Cernovich and a group of other Jews have taken over the meet up, which was intended to be a true alt-right event and turned it into a fake alt-right meet up.

An hour ago Cernovich tweeted this bullsh*t:

Eight minutes ago out came the coup de grace for a true alt-right meet up:

MILO is not alt-right. His presence isn’t needed.

Cernovich, who has a book and movie to sell, is getting strong pushback for his treachery.

BakedAlaska names the Jew, which is creating problems for some Jews who claim to be alt-right.

Microchip may have summarized the effort by Jews to sabotage us. I think this Tweet is correct.

Microchip has also declared war on Cernovich:

OK, that’s a summary of what’s been going on for the last hour, as I’m writing.

It’s a familiar story: Jews infiltrate and then try to take over and act as controlled opposition.

We can’t let the #newright take the steam out of the #altright:

4 thoughts on “Jews Take Over Pro-Trump #deploraball Social Movement Creating Tweetstorm of Disgust

  1. Jesus, jews again. Never trust the jew. And, I am tired of hearing about the “evil Nazi” salute. For the kike’s information, that salute is known as the Bellamy Salute, and every American citizen performed that salute to salute the American flag from 1892 until 1942 when the Congress amended the Flag Act to our current hand over the heart salute. The concern was that the evil fascists (Nazis, Italian fascists) performed the salute. Personally, I would rather go back to the Bellamy Salute. It is more forceful and masculine as opposed to the wussy hand over the heart. Christ, I just learned this fact. I am in my 50’s and had never before seen this salute portrayed in photographs, old magazines, newsreels, movies, history books, any media whatsoever. I thought myself pretty well-read and informed. The problem has always been the jew information gate-keepers in our Jew Matrix. I bet that one in a thousand people today do not know this. My retirement is right around the corner. I will be spending lots of time acquiring old books and materials to try and learn the real truth about things beyond what I already know. I do know that libraries have for some time been purging their collections of old books and media. I would hazard a guess that this is a deliberate attempt to deny us politically-incorrect truth. For everyone’s information, when the evil Nazi’s were burning books, they were not burning Goethe, Kant, Voltaire, or Balzac. They burned books by Jewish authors. If you ever studied philosophy say in college, the drivel presented by jews such as Spengler, Marx, or Wittgenstein was just that–drivel.

    • Very good idea Truth hammer. Old books are very cheap, grab them while you still can, at house clearances and auctions. Read WWII histories written between 1945 and 1970 and the Jews usually are not even mentioned, and no “Holocaust”.

  2. Jews are always wreckers – even within their own groups and their own religion.

    The temple in Jerusalem was destoyed because of stupid wrecking Jew behaviour – not Roman.

    Stalin killed 800 out of the top 1200 politicians in the Soviet Union in 1932 – the vast majority were Jews carrying out Jew policies.

    Joe McCarty was destroyed after he took advice to hire a couple of Jew advisers. He was told that almost all the Communists and traitors he was exposing were Jews. So they told him to get the military and that was the end of him.

    Marine le Pen has taken the same advice – to hire top level Jew advisers.

    With Jews, you lose.

    They infiltrate ALL right wing political parties groups including Nazis, KKK and skinheads and try to wreck them. I even met a small and physically weedy Jewish couple over 30 years ago who were proud they had infiltrated the British Nationalist Party if that is the right name.

    Jews are wreckers. Never let Jews lead your group or even join it. Jews hate whites and they hate the Right and they hate all anti Immigration parties. Except in Israel which is a parallel Universe run by Space Alien Reptiles exempt from all the laws of humans and the United Nations.

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