Comments I Trash: A George Michael Fan Weighs in With An Ad Hominem Attack on Paladin

Recently, I discovered I could add a message to the Comments box. You may have noticed that it says that policy forbids insults.

I guess some people don’t get it or it baits them.

Anyway, some of the comments I trash are aimed at me and some at our regular group of commenters. All of us offer thoughtful, politically incorrect observations about life, sometimes leavened with taboo words like “nigger,” or “faggot.” My philosophy is that we have a right to use taboo words, so long as we don’t address them to innocent parties.

Yesterday the death of singer George Michael inspired Paladin to pen a post about the excesses of celebrity worship. You can read it here or just scroll down about five or six posts until you come to it.

It’s one of my better posts since it addresses an issue no one is talking about. The worship of celebrities who are poor role models is a part of modern life that must be destroyed as we reform our sick degenerate culture. Really, not much was said about the negatives relating to the singer, other than very briefly. The main point is that his shallow fans will anoint him a saint now, aided by the press.

Anyway, an apparent George Michael fan wrote this, which is in the trash.

God wonders what some little keyboard warrior will say about you in death. What a profound insult you are, and God only knows what drives you to make such comments. You are quite obviously a disgusting little person hiding behind a keyboard, dirty and disheveled as your mind, thumping away on your keyboard in a pair of old dirty white undies you haven’t changed for weeks. Get a life, for whatever time you have left. I dirty bitter twisted soul such as yours must be incredibly hard to live with, therefore your casting of filth on others is your only release. Disgusting little man you are. Just another turd floating in the toilet of life.

laughing woman


smilelaugh tears of joy

It’s interesting that these liberals (probable homo in this case), can only respond with personal attacks against the writer, as opposed to writing a rebuttal to the ideas expressed by the writer.

Interestingly, when I was a professor, I won three teaching awards. Part of that was due to the praise the students heaped upon my ability to express ideas. But there were always a few insults on the teaching survey forms about like this one. Actually, I got called a faggot more than once, so I learned to quickly ignore destructive criticism, while trying to take constructive criticism to heart.

For the record, the site is receiving about 9,000 views a day on average (and increasing), with about three or four highly negative comments a week that are routinely trashed.

People who don’t engage with the ideas don’t deserve a voice. So, unless you have something meaningful to say, don’t waste your time.

5 thoughts on “Comments I Trash: A George Michael Fan Weighs in With An Ad Hominem Attack on Paladin

  1. The “little” SJW made a (((Freudian))) slip of very revealing proportions…..
    “I dirty bitter twisted soul “.

    I suppose he is a butt reamer. All that drilling for chocolate may have given him some type of Hepatitis and now he has liver disease. This can create irritability – they used to say “feeling liverish”.

    He uses “little” as an insult – shock horror! How dare he confront the “vertically challenged” or perhaps “vertically differently abled”. Does he hate midgets?

    He also hates white undies for some reason.

    My guess is the guy himself wears dirty white undies and is about 5 feet 6 tall, or less. He is projecting.

    • Excellent analysis of the situation, Robert. It usually takes me about 5 seconds of looking at a comment like this before I trash it by clicking the “trash” button. I don’t try to analyze them, but there’s clearly value in doing so.

  2. Yes, sodomites have twisted souls and twisted minds. You must be degenerate to engage in sexual relations with another male. Also, (((George Michael))) is the perfect illustration of where degeneracy leads– an early death.
    Regards the keyboard warrior bit, I am thankful for this development. It breaks the Jew Matrix stranglehold on ideas;/information and allows like-minded people to communicate and share their views. The Jew Matrix’s purpose was to deluge us and submerge us into their toxic filth and misinformation/disinformation to keep us asleep and unaware of them (kind of like the aliens in the movie “They Live). The other purpose is to keep us quiet and docile, so that we will be their goyim (Hebrew for cattle, the colloquial meaning is slave). I do not like the idea that Big Jew controls much of the internet, search engines, and such, but I know that the word is getting out about these creatures and their fellow-travelers. I am thankful to be one of the awake and aware. We have to keep battering at their fortresses until we defeat them.

    • We’re in a propaganda war. On the Internet, we’re winning. Elsewhere we seem to be losing. Keyboard warrior is a derogatory term for those who call out black misbehavior, mass immigration, and the role of Jews in creating our sick society.

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