Anti-White State Farm Pedophila Ad Made by Jews


Ad Age

DDB Chicago Wins Idea Pitch for State Farm Brand Refresh
Move Could Result in the End of ‘Get to a Better State’

State Farm late last year asked its roster agencies to pitch ideas for a brand refresh.
Now, according to people familiar with the matter, the marketer has chosen DDB Chicago’s brand refresh idea. These people said that the company has been calling it a brand “reframe,” and while it’s not immediately clear what DDB’s idea is, it will most likely involve a move away from the “Get to a Better State” positioning.


6 thoughts on “Anti-White State Farm Pedophila Ad Made by Jews

  1. This is one of those clever jew joke ads. We have a young evil YT teen-ager proposing to a groid. The groid looks really pleased with the ring she gave him. Oh, and buy State Farm insurance.

    • You are right – the Coon is holding the ring facing him. If he was proposing he would be facing her. Why is the Coon not on his knees, as Coons always should be with whiteys, and all men should be (on one knee) when proposing?

  2. This ad legally constitutes child abuse. The girl looks less than 15 years old. That is why she is hiding her face.
    The couple have clearly spent the night together and there is a breakfast for two on the bed. The nig nog was only willing to propose after she came across, not the night before.
    Ads agencies are evil and Jew ad agencies are evil incarnate.
    Jews are mentally sick. I am sure ads like this harm their cause and only wake white people up. But the Jews love filth, degradation and perversion and can not help themselves, just as Botulisms can not help themselves driving over people for fun.
    It is my opinion that a lot of advertising makes people angry and never buy the advertised product again, but they keep making such ads. Maybe idiots outnumber thinking people.
    I am one of many whites that will never buy any product marked as certified Halal or Kosher. Yet manufacturers rush to join this group, even though less than 5% of consumers in total want this.
    What is next “Approved by the LGBTQIA+ Community”?

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