THE BLACK ATTACK: Son of Obama Viciously Beats Elderly White Woman Outside Her Home


Shirley Newman (nice Jewish name) may or may not be Jewish. The point is that to a dirtbag Negro thug, she looks white. And that makes her fair game for a vicious beating.

None of the sources I looked at gave a description of the thug

We know what that means.


Daily Mail

A woman was left severely bruised and bloodied after she was brutally beaten outside her Georgia home.

Shirley Newman, 69, had come home from buying groceries and a newspaper on Wednesday when a man dressed in black attacked her in her driveway.

Ms Newman said the man put her in a headlock and punched her in the head repeatedly, Fox5 reports.

The robber kept demanding Ms Newman hand over her money.

‘He said give me your money… he grabbed me by the neck and hit me in the head,’ Ms Newman said.

The elderly woman was found by her neighbors covered in blood after screaming for help.

She had to get stitches in the back of her head and suffered severe bruising to her face.

Ms Newman said she is starting to get back some vision given her eyes were so swollen.

She was left with scratches on her arms and legs and still can not eat food after her lip was busted open.

Readers at the Daily Mail were on to the race of the perp, calling him out as a son of Obama. No one blames the Amish or the Eskimos anymore.

The serious point that must be made is that segregation worked to keep these monsters in line. With segregation outlawed, our only hope is to restore judicially administered corporal punishment to the system. For what the perp did in this case, at least 150 strikes with a rod or lashes with a leather whip would be appropriate.

Blacks only understand pain. Probation, counseling, and jail do no good whatsoever. Pain must be restored to the criminal justice system as a form of punishment. That might include waterboarding too.

Here are some cool pics that show how our clever ancestors kept their darkies in line, which was a constant chore. Really, we should have picked our own cotton.

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