Russian Plane Crashes: Passengers Included Official Army Choir Flying to Syria for Christmas Concert


Barack Obama promised to retaliate against Russia for allegedly hacking the American election to ensure that Donald Trump would win.

Since that promise, the Russian ambassador to Turkey has been murdered, another Russian official has died, and on Christmas eve a Russian plane carrying the army choir has crashed.

Good work, Obama.

Sky News

A senior Russian official has said he does not believe it was an act of terror that caused a Russian military jet to crash into the Black Sea.

A body has been found in the water after the jet, which had 92 people on board, crashed shortly after take-off.

The plane was carrying 64 members of the renowned military choir and dance band, the Alexandrov Ensemble, including its conductor Valery Khalilov.

The ensemble, better known as the Red Army Choir, was heading to Syria to give a concert at a Russian air base there.

Nine members of the media were among the 84 passengers on board.

Eight crew were also on the plane.

Viktor Ozerov, head of the Russian parliament’s defence committee has told state media that he “totally excludes” terrorism as a cause of the crash.

He said it could have been caused by a technical malfunction or crew error.

President Putin has ordered an investigation into the cause of the crash.

He also offered deepest condolences to the victims’ families, according to a Kremlin spokesman.

The missing aircraft is a Tu-154, a Soviet-designed three-engine airliner.

The plane had departed at 5:40am local time (0240 GMT) from Adler, south of Sochi.

Fragments of the plane have already been found at a depth of 50-70m about 1.5km (0.93 miles) from the Russian coast.

Some personal documents from those on board have also been recovered.

The plane was flying to Russia’s Hmeimim airbase outside the coastal Syrian city of Latakia, the ministry said.

The Tu-154 aircraft has been involved in a number of accidents in the past.

In April 2010 the then Polish president Lech Kaczynski was killed when a Tu-154 airliner crashed near Smolensk in western Russia.

8 thoughts on “Russian Plane Crashes: Passengers Included Official Army Choir Flying to Syria for Christmas Concert

  1. This is a sad story and musicians are more intelligent and talented people than average. They would have been whites. The plane took off in the dark which was not necessary. Were they afraid of missiles near Syria?
    They could have traveled by ship, the distance is not huge.
    I never trust reports which rule out terrorism immediately. How can they be sure there was no bomb or board, maybe an object on the runway (an old gag) or some weapon fired from near the airport?
    There would be many enemies of Russia these days with motive, means and opportunity. A weapon could have been fired from a ship in international waters of the Black Sea.

  2. IMHO… A sabotage by a fifth columnist in Russia ?? You know, the one loving democracy & hating Russia & it’s Orthodox Christian people ?? A stay behind humanoid reptile more likely ??

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  4. Paladin is offline tonight. But I would like to hear his take here. This is definitely a retaliatory measure against Russia. No way this kind of plane just drops off. An electronic deafening device was used to shut down the electronic systems of the plane. This sort of technology has been around since the 1960s. The shadow Gov is desperate to start a war with Russia before Jan 20, But Putin is way too smart to fall into this trap. (((They))) are fucking desperate….

    Either way, this shit is killing a lot of normals too fast…


    • I saw a headline a few minutes ago to the effect that now the Russians are not ruling out a terrorist attack. I think Putin knows that Obama arranged for this mass murder, of if not Obama specifically, then the CIA on his general orders. Putin is taking a lot trying to avoid World War 3. But if the truth that America did it leaks out, then the Russian people may demand war.

      • I am thinking Mossad even. But they have the boxes and I don’t want to jump to any conclusions. With what my Polish friends have let me know after the Berlin attack and now this incident, there is almost too much to take in. Putin is too smart, he will wait for Trump to get in and then feel out the situation. My dream scenario: either Trump or Putin in February makes a quick visit to the other and shakes hands with 4 billion people watching. Boy would the Jewish Mafia bang their heads against a fucking metal wailing wall… And I would be hearing Iron Maiden–no make it Motorhead–in the background… One year on, I still miss Lem… But it doesn’t change the fuzzy feeling that (((their))) pain can give me…


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