College Coed Who Supported Trump Had to Drop Out Because of Bullying


Fox News

A young woman says anti-Trump bullies at a prestigious women’s liberal arts college forced her to drop out of the school.

Eighteen-year-old Andi Moritz told Saturday that the ridicule began when she went on Bryn Mawr College’s ride-share Facebook page in September to look for a fellow student to help her knock on doors for Donald Trump.

“It didn’t hit me at first because it was just one person being negative,” Moritz said. “That’s not that big a deal to me. It was when the negative comments started to continue and I saw a lot of people ‘like’ those comments and it just made me feel like I wasn’t welcome Bryn Mawr.”

“Nobody has the right to an opinion of bigotry. 0 tolerance for fascists!” was one response to her Facebook request for a ride.

“You want to go campaign for a man who has systematically oppressed entire ethnic/racial groups not to mention the LGBTQIA+ community and many others,” was another.

“Why y’all doing this free labor for white supremacists tho,” was a third.

“I can understand you not liking someone politically, but things get taken too far when you don’t like that person because of their political support,” she told

Moritz said she worked hard to get into Bryn Mawr and was a first year student.

The night of her ride-share post, fellow freshman on her floor met to discuss the matter.

Moritz, who is from Hershey, Penn., says she deleted the post after the meeting and then the next day called the campus suicide hotline.

“I just need someone to talk to,” she said. She said she has battled depression in high school.

Two days after the call she dropped out after she spoke to her parents.

“I let myself realize I wasn’t happy and Bryn Mawr wasn’t a good fit,” she said.

She says she now works full-time at an animal shelter and is happy.

Moritz said she became a Trump supporter over time, attracted to his positions on terrorism, national security and gun rights.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Friday that Bryn Mawr sophomore Anna Garguilo wrote about Moritz for a journalism class blog a few weeks ago.

Garguilo told the paper Moritz shouldn’t have been subjected to such “cyberbullying” just because of her beliefs. She said she faced ridicule from Bryn Mawr students for telling Moritz’s story, but doesn’t regret it.

Bryn Mawr gave The Inquirer a statement after being asked about Moritz.

“Freedom of speech and expression can lead to heated debate on campuses, and the Bryn Mawr campus has not been immune from the polarization of views that characterized the campaign,” the statement said, according to the paper. “Ad hominem attacks have no place in these discussions and do nothing to help us learn from or better understand one another. We continue to strive to be a place that both affirms freedom of speech and promotes civil discourse.”

The Inquirer’s article says several students who responded to Moritz’ ride-share request with critical comments were also contacted.

The paper reported that those students either did not return calls or declined to comment.

17 thoughts on “College Coed Who Supported Trump Had to Drop Out Because of Bullying

  1. Nice White girl with White German Shepherd, such a beautiful symbol.

    From this link – – everyone can understand why Euro-civilization is so utterly fucked-up. It’s eloquently explained by former KGB agent Brezmenov, just watch it.

    The only cure for our world is TOTAL annihilation of AshkeNAZI Marxists and at the same time comprehensive decontamination of Left Libretarded plague should follow. Both in just ONE faze.

    • Brezmenhov is interesting, is he a Jew like so many KGB agents? He does not mention the Frankfurt School – which was developed in the West. He does not mention Cultural Marxism. These are both 100% Jewey. So it is unbelievable that just by coincidence the 4 methods used by the Soviets are identical to the plots and successful plans of the (((Frankfurt School))).

  2. “LGBTQIA+ community “.

    Some of us here used to make up these extra letters for a joke. Above is a SJW variant. LGBTQIA+ are haters. Bullying is now illegal, I thought. Thus girl could sue the college for big bucks. The time is right, she chose the winning side, so the courts might be sympathetic to her

  3. This evil YT girl can find a clever jew lawyer and file suit against the school and the other students for harassment. They would settle rather than have the drawn out bad publicity. She can fund her own tuition to another school.

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