Black Lives Splatter: Rapper Troy Ave Shot While Sitting in Car

roland troy ave collins

Have you noticed that aspiring rappers end up in prison, while real rappers end up shot?

We should encourage blacks youths (Niggaz in their lingo) to get into rap. It’s a win for those who favor the “Negros in jail” and the “Negros in the hospital” memes. Troy Ave will end up in the morgue before long. An honor richly deserved.

CBS News

NEW YORK — Authorities say rapper Troy Ave has been shot while sitting in his car at a Brooklyn intersection.

Attorney Scott Lemon says his client, whose real name is Roland Collins, was on his way to visit family Sunday evening when he was shot twice.

Police say the 31-year-old Collins was in a red Maserati when a man fired several rounds into the car, striking Collins once in the arm and grazing his head.

Collins is hospitalized in fair condition. No arrests have been made.

Collins is free on bail following his May arrest in connection with a fatal shooting inside a popular Manhattan concert venue.

He has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder charges. He also was shot in that incident.

Two of this niggas nine lives have been used up. Only seven more to go. I give him two or three years before he’s in a coffin, taking a final journey to the cemetery.


smiling black nodding gif

4 thoughts on “Black Lives Splatter: Rapper Troy Ave Shot While Sitting in Car

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  2. I meant to post this comment here. I can not tell them apart. I have a blind spot regards negroes. They all look alike to me. Does anyone else have this?

    • It happens to me al the time; they just plain look all alike to me, to which snowflakes spit in my face “THAT’ RAYCISSSS!”. One the 2 occasions I was ambush sucker mugged by 3-5 feral negro yoofs, when the police asked me to give a description of my attackers as soon as I uttered “they were black teens or early 20s, the cops broke in stop right there we don’t need to that, it’s racist”

      Then I added, “well if you asked me to come look at a lineup of 100 perps and if they are all black, I could not tell you any difference.”

      The (C)rapper in the picture I thought I recognized as a world renown neurosurgeon and philanthropist 🙂

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