Vicious Serial Animal Killer/Torturer on the Loose in Canada (Warning: Disturbing Details)

A psychopath is on the loose in Ontario, Canada.

Spread the word if you live in that area and be alert to any suspicious activity or words that might reveal the murderers identity.

Excerpt from

Several gruesome discoveries involving mutilated animals have prompted a southwestern Ontario humane society to warn pet owners about a possible serial animal killer on the loose.

Last week, police in London, Ont., responded to a report of a headless dog found on top of a recycling bin near a beer store. The animal had been skinned and was missing organs.

London, Ont., was world’s ‘serial killer capital’: UWO prof
10 dead snakes freak out London woman taking out trash
It was the latest in a series of similar disturbing cases of dead animals found in public places around the city, according to the London Humane Society’s executive director, Judy Foster.

Serial Animal Killer
In addition to the 17 animals reported killed and mutilated in London, Ont., criminologist Michael Arntfield received this photo of several birds found with snapped necks and broken beaks. (Michael Arntfield)

Over the past year, Foster said, there have been at least eight incidents involving at least 17 dead animals, including a skinned and beheaded bunny found on the Western University campus; a mutilated cat found in a park; six dead coyotes — two of them headless and skinned — placed in poses in three different locations; and several dead snakes left in a strange pose.

A stabbed and partially skinned goose was dropped off at the humane society’s front door, she said.

“It doesn’t make me feel better knowing there is such great similarities between all of these,” Foster said. “And the disturbing part is you don’t know when the animals died — at the start, halfway through or as a result of what was done to it. It’s impossible to forget what we’ve seen.”

All animals mutilated

All the animals were found with some form of mutilation, but there was no blood at the scenes, Foster said, suggesting they were killed elsewhere.

A scalpel appears to have been used in each case, she said.

“The animals are incredibly clean,” Foster said. “We believe that it would take a fair amount of time to do that.”

It also looks like the pattern is escalating, she said. First it was wildlife — coyotes and geese — and then domestic animals: a bunny, a cat and now a dog.

Foster said she doesn’t know if it’s the work of one person, a group or even copycats.

But Michael Arntfield, a criminology professor at Western University, believes one person is behind all the incidents.

“This will continue to escalate,” he said in a phone interview. “This is not a prank, it’s not mischief. It’s sexual, it’s predatory, it’s high-risk and it’s criminal.”

The clues in this story suggest a medical student. He or she is a mad, modern Jack the Ripper who must be stopped. Guard your animals, Ontario. Do not let them outside without supervision until the monster is caught.

9 thoughts on “Vicious Serial Animal Killer/Torturer on the Loose in Canada (Warning: Disturbing Details)

    • Often you are right. Being from Canada this really bothers me. We had a fella back in the early 80s who was killing all of the dogs in the neighbourhood with antifreeze. After about 5 or 6 dogs had died, the fathers on the street started walking around in the wee hours to try and catch this guy. It only took a few days til they caught the perp. The paramedics ended up taking him to the hospital and from there he was taken to Jail. I think he required about 40 stitches to his face along with a busted knee cap. He sold his house a month later and was never seen in town again…

      This is the only way to deal with these types.


  1. I just berserk out over this kind of insanity.
    God: Homer you are here right on time…heart attack
    Homer: yes, Mein Urwissen, it was a heart attack
    God: The sight of all that blood, the sight of headless dogs, the sight of.. .
    Homer: the sight of the sicko fleeing. I missed my target!
    God: no Homer, you did not miss. The sicko is ,ah, downstairs, shall we say. Good shot, good job, good servant. Welcome home.

  2. The Canucks need not worry. Canada is a very conservative country, and they all carry fire-arms and all will ready to confront this killer if needs be. Beware of the fierce Canadian berserker.

  3. The photo at the top is a bizarre choice to demonstrate human love for animals. The puppy looks very worried and fearful. As any creature should be if this weirdo freak has his teeth within one inch of ones jugular vein. He looks like the attacker, not an animal lover.

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