State Farm Insurance Tweets the Most Disgusting Holiday Tweet Ever

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Suggestions on how to respond to this anti-white piece of shit propaganda?

The Negro looks 30, the white girl looks 14. I think we should take the “State Farm is run by pedophiles” angle.

What say you to this extraordinary Christmas insult?

14 thoughts on “State Farm Insurance Tweets the Most Disgusting Holiday Tweet Ever

  1. Yes, this ad will go over like a turd in a punch bowl. I know it makes me want to purchase State Farm insurance. State Farm should probably fire the a**-clown who came up with this tripe. I have a feeling that when the Mochachino Magic Muslim Mulatto is out of office, we will see a decrease in this vile Jew spew. /Heil Trumpus Maximus!

    • Both pedophilia and miscegenation! It’s clear the message this ad is sending. Both in front of a rumpled bed! Good Lord, how low can this company go?

  2. Everything in a single photo. Porn, pedophilia, and the Jewish all-time fave: miscegenation. Always using the same theme—sex—and its various divergent sub-genres to get at our back brain. These malevolent Sodomites have turned their hate for us into a grandiose, autistic spectacle…

  3. The Arab, the Negro, the Oriental, the Mestizo =
    Locust and cankerworm and caterpillar and palmerworm.
    Parasites and vermin eating up your substance.
    Poisoning with Diversion, Polarization, Confusion, Misdirection and ELIMINATION.

    Don’t forget to use the online press comments sections.
    Don’t abuse their policies. Just make a civilized comment that is contra to anything that is anti-White. Make comments that are PRO White – People – Families – Life.
    Your library has ‘Press Reader’ on line, use the comments for Ks of publications.

  4. WOW white privilege again , probable she was sold to the guy for some crack by a poor white working family that was middle class and had a home before the black hell of the GOLF BUM was pushed off on the citizens of the USA.
    I bet her futures is worthless as her choices.

  5. You guys all have serious issues. Are you kidding me that this was disgusting? Genocide? What a bunch of uneducated, hate mongering, dim-witts.

    • Nice try, but no cookie. Today’s headlines are filled with stories of the Drexel University prof calling or white genocide. Ricardo Romo of the University of Texas calls for fucking the white race out of existence. Angel Guitterez, at another UT campus, has called for the mass murder of whites. Soft genocide or hard genocide. Take your pick. But if you’re white, you’re going to cease to exist unless you fight back.

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