Report: Alt-right Plans Armed March Organized by Andrew Anglin Through Montana Town To Scare Jews

pepe nazi

Jews are afraid of guns. If Andrew Anglin’s march through Whitefish can draw 200 “Nazis” with guns, it will scare the bejesus out of Jews nationwide. The ADL will be flooded with donations. President Trump will be petitioned to protect Jews.

Every form of protest has it’s good and bad effects. That is the truth. I expect Trump will denounce this march (if it happens), further marginalizing White Nationalism.

Richard Spencer, what say you?

Andrew Anglin, are you an agent of the ADL? Why not organize an unarmed protest?


The latest tantrum by the “alt-right’s” neo-Nazi Internet trolls is playing out in a small town in Montana, where a leading voice in the movement now claims he will hold an armed march through the town to intimidate its “Jew racketeers.”

The situation in Whitefish, Montana has garnered national headlines over the last few weeks. The mother of Richard Spencer, the de facto leader of the “alt-right,” owns a property in town, but community members have been pressuring her to sell because of her son’s newfound fame as the leader of a prominent white supremacist movement. Now, trolls from the “alt-right” are going after the community, led by Andrew Anglin, the publisher of the Daily Stormer blog — the self-declared “number one alt-right” website in the world — who spearheaded and helped organize the harassment of the people he believes are threatening Spencer’s mother. Up until now, the intimidation tactics have lived largely in cyber-space, but on Thursday, Anglin called for the next phase of “Operation Whitefish,” and extended his call to “take action.”

andre anglin

“For the next phase of our plan…we are planning an armed protest in Whitefish,” Anglin wrote in a blog post published Thursday. “Montana has extremely liberal open carry laws, so my lawyer is telling me we can easily march through the center of the town carrying high-powered rifles.


“I myself am planning on being there to lead the protest,” he continued.

Anglin, a proud, Hitler-saluting Nazi, lives in Ohio and rarely appears in public. He claims to have already organized “about 200 people to participate in the march, which will be against Jews, Jewish businesses and everyone who supports either. We will be busing in skinheads from the Bay Area.”

Anglin has tried — and failed — to organize off-line events like the one he plans in Whitefish on multiple occasions. They tend to never pan out — and this one likely won’t either.

“Anglin has so far largely been unsuccessful in mobilizing real world activity, as opposed to things like online harassment, so we take claims like this with a grain of salt,” said Mark Pitcavage, a senior research fellow at the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, which tracks extremist groups like the “alt-right” and hate-mongers like Anglin. He added, however, that Anglin is “going great guns on this one, so he might actually try something.”

Reached for comment, Anglin told Vocativ, “I have never planned any marches before. The ADL/SPLC are a bunch of lying Jews.”

The march, so says Anglin, is planned for mid-January.

The dustup in Whitefish came on the heels of a highly publicized “alt-right” conference in Washington DC, where Spencer — who until recently has steered clear of openly acknowledging the neo-Nazi element of the “alt-right” movement — gave an impassioned speech about the future of the movement that concluded with several of those in attendance giving Nazi salutes as Spencer raised his glass in a similar manner on stage after ending his address by yelling, “hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!”

The speech — more specifically, the Nazi salutes — made national headlines. As Spencer’s profile grew, so did criticism of his movement. And people in Whitefish, where his parents live and he spends time, took notice. Earlier this month, a realtor in the town with ties the activist group Love Lives Here began pressuring Spencer’s mother to sell her building due to the bad publicity her son’s ties to the town had created.

In a letter published by Medium, Sherry Spencer outlined the “terrible threats” made by the realtor and others. “[O]ur building and the retail tenants have been targeted by some in the Flathead community because of Richard and the National Policy Institute,” she wrote in the letter. (Flathead is the county where Whitefish is located.) She notes that she has received death threats, writing of her and her tenants: “We, too, are victims, having no role in any of the events that have unfolded recently.”

In response, Anglin directed his “troll army” to “take action” against the realtor, the activist group, businesses in the town, and others, primarily Jews, who he felt targeted Sherry Spencer. He even sicced the trolls on the realtors young son, calling him a “scamming spammer rat.”

Spencer did not respond when asked if he condones the tactics taken by Anglin.


Be there or be square.

8 thoughts on “Report: Alt-right Plans Armed March Organized by Andrew Anglin Through Montana Town To Scare Jews

  1. This is the logical conclusion to the neo Nazi movement. I see it this way: you believe in what you espouce or you do not. Niggers take to the streets with impunity. They rob, burn and destroy.
    The ADL offers not even suggestions, but let a white judge in Alabama defy the Jews, let a white lad shoot some niggers, let a white man in Canada publish “Israel must perish”, a parody on the Jew publication ” Germany must perish” and armed soldiers of the Jews, posing as law enforcers move in.
    (((They come armed))) yet the terror message is to the white man: Dude, calm! Calm! Be cool here, Don’t bring this to an armed conflict.
    The old saying rings true here: Shut up or put up.
    This is not a board game. Jews are howling for the extermination of the white race( Germanic, Nordic, Teutonic, children of Adam)
    Going to Montana?
    Cowboy up!

    • We usually agree, but I have to say that MLK won without firing a shot. Now, let me briefly debunk my own point.

      MLK won because of white guilt over slavery and such. Plus the words in the Constitution about all men are equal.

      Our enemies are not so weak as we were and still are.

      I still think it would wise to do an unarmed march in Whitefish to see if it gets results. If not, then escalate.

      • lol I knew we would disagree. You’ve been to college

        We have been trying the be nice, be logical, be lawful etc game for how long?

        I’m 46. I have seen White men win in Nevada, when they showed up to that ranched armed

        Time #2 was the armed pro gun rallies years back . Semi win there since the moon cricket in chief went to using executive orders

        Trump could be called a semi win for Whites, and he didn’t win by being a pussy. He was on the offense, one show of strength after another

        To change my mind I would need to see a string of wins for Whites using the being a pussy tatitic

  2. Guys like Anglin and Spencer are not dumbskis. They are somewhat showmen. They are bright enough to understand that running wild and rioting through the streets will not accomplish anything, and they are not advocating that. Rioting is what niggers/spics/colored mystery meat do. These guys are utilizing the same tactics the left (jews, commies, Marxists, leftists etc.) have utilized against us evil YT goys for over a century. They are generating publicity. They are using some tongue-in-cheek methods to point the spot-light on our enemies (jews, negroes, illegal aliens, SWPL’s et. al.). They are also very serious in their views. We evil YT’s who are aware and awake understand what they are doing. The polite society at-large, to include the politcal establishment and evil YT’s who do not want to be called racists, bigot, whateverphobe etc. will not openly support the WN movement, but I tend to believe that privately they understand and support it. If you think about it, the WN movement was unheard of and not necessary until about the early 60’s (when America was over 90% white, segregation was in effect, colored minorities were kept in their place, few illegal aliens) when the jigs were burning down cities for their “civil rights” and stupid YT’s caved in to the bad press and pressure and turned them loose upon America and then opened the flood-gates to third-world barbarians via the 1965 Immigration Act (which was sponsored by a jew and designed to eventually change our demographics and replace evil YT). Think about it. Between that Act, Civil Rights legislation (I will have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years), and the Great Society, plus the Jew Matrix and jew machinations to keep suppress evil YT and evil YT interests, evil YT has effectively become a minority in his own country. Fully 1/3 of our population is some type of colored people/dark horde. White Nationalism is just the reaction to all of this under-handed insanity to genocide evil YT and turn America (and evil YT Europe) into hell on earth. And do not tell me that evil YT’s like us do not see and understand what is happening. These guys are doing what they are doing out of belief and personal commitment. They again are also somewhat showmen and seek some fame/notoriety and personal profit. I do not have any problem with this latter, because I believe you do not muzzle the ox while he is treading out your grain.

  3. The polite society at-large voted for the hildabeast

    The problem the The polite society at-large that happen to be pro White, and it’s a very small segment, are anti White working class. They want to be polite in what passes for their pro White activism. Which is an important segment

    However, they don’t do shit for, or anything that appeals to the White working class, lower middle class etc.

    For The polite society at-large, this is mostly academic. For us prols it’s an actual, every day battle.

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