Mixed Race Gang Sentenced for Horrific Kidnappings, Torture, Sexual Assault

The two male victims in this case are not identified other than as members of the University of Rochester football team. The odds are that they are black, like the primary perp, Lydell Strickland, pictured in the upper left above.

The victims were lured to a house by the online promise of sex with a white girl. Probably Inalia Rolldan, pictured bottom right. Instead of dat white girl *****, they got something else, the graphic details laid out below.

Chicago Tribune

Four people convicted of charges stemming from the kidnapping and torture of two New York college students have been sentenced to prison.

The two men and two women were convicted last month of kidnapping two male University of Rochester students in December 2015.

The victims, both from the Chicago area, were reported missing Dec. 5, 2015, hours after they were last seen near the university’s campus. The incident ended the next day, when police determined they were being held in a house four miles away and sent in a SWAT team to rescue them.

Prosecutors say the victims, who were beaten, sexually assaulted and held against their will inside a Rochester house for 40 hours, were mistakenly targeted for retribution for a drug-related robbery. One of them was shot.

Lydell Strickland was sentenced to 155 years to life, according to prosecutors. David Alcaraz-Ubiles was sentenced to 15 years to run consecutively with a 15-year sentence he’s serving for another crime.

Inalia Rolldan and Ruth Lora were sentenced to seven years in prison and five years of post-release supervision.

Five others charged in the case have taken plea deals.

Washington Post via archive.is

In court Wednesday, Strickland was defiant, smiling as Justice Alex Renzi told him his crimes sounded like the script of a Quentin Tarantino movie, the Democrat and Chronicle reported.

“I was trying to think if there were any redeeming qualities that you had,” Renzi told him, “and I couldn’t come up with any.”

“How can someone do this to another human being?” he added.

Strickland and his co-defendants mistakenly believed the students, who played on the university’s football team, were involved in the robbery of a group of drug dealers in November 2015, prosecutors told the Tribune. Seeking retribution, the defendants convinced a woman to flirt with one of them on Facebook. The woman eventually invited him to a party in northeast Rochester, and he asked if he could bring the other, a friend.

“The second victim being involved was pure happenstance,” Schwartz told the Tribune.

On Dec. 5, 2015, two women picked up the students and drove them to the house, where Strickland and others were waiting in masks and dark clothing. They surrounded the students, and one of them was shot in the leg with a .22-caliber rifle as he tried to escape, shattering his femur, prosecutors said. After binding the students with duct tape, the group subjected them to a range of tortures over the course of nearly two days.

One of the students described the ordeal from the witness stand in November. He and his friend were beaten with pipes and bats, threatened with guns, and even cut with a chainsaw, he said, and recounted how the attackers sliced the skin between his toes with a knife and pliers, according to TWC News. At one point he was shot in his other leg and later had to undergo surgery. He told the court the defendants doused them in flammable liquid and threatened to light them on fire. He said the defendants also stole thousands of dollars from his bank accounts after forcing him to give up his passwords and identification numbers.

“The torture consists of something you would see in a movie, but it’s not a movie because this is real life,” he said, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

The whole time, he said, the defendants seemed almost giddy. He recalled hearing from inside the bathroom men and women laughing and watching television.

“They were drinking and having a good time while there were people dying in the other room,” he testified. “At this point, my body was broken down and I didn’t know how much longer I could go on.”

TNB carried to the extreme. Strickland should be put down like the animal he is. The others should be placed in work camps for 20 years. Or humanely euthanized. Their choice.

8 thoughts on “Mixed Race Gang Sentenced for Horrific Kidnappings, Torture, Sexual Assault

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      • You aren’t’ missing anything. I read scripts. Tarantino is a sicko, like Stephen king and needs to be arrested and brought to justice…in a moral court.

      • I picked up two hitch hikers once and fed them. They offered me a book as gesture of ‘thank you’ It was Stephen King’s,IT
        I could not read the sick story. After that , at book stores, I would flip through his books and read parts.
        Soon afterwards I told people that if I was a homicide detective, I would camp in King’s yard . No one but a Perp could know the things he writes.
        He is also a Zionist Jew. He owns 2-3 radio stations in Maine, where he calls home. He and another Jew, Roxanne Quimby, have tried to buy up the land in Maine and promote their Jewish agenda, not the least of which is N W O. ( want to make it illegal to burn wood for heat.. really?)
        What would a Jew, like King, (Kahn, Cohen) want with radio stations? Isn’t that odd?

  2. Gads. The perps are either mulatto high-yellows or spic mystery meat.
    Mixing evil YT DNA with ape DNA makes for an especially dangerous ape hybrid anthropoid. The evil YT DNA provides a higher innate IQ, but the feral ape’s savage murderous nature remains the same. Thus results a much more dangerous creature for evil YT to contend with e.g. Obama, Malcolm X, Obama’s appointees ( who are mulattoes or have significant evil YT DNA admixture). I will not even expound on the spics. I wish that they could know better, but DNA is DNA, and you can not escape your genetics. We have tens of millions of these vile creatures in the U.S. and nothing will be done about it–deportation or a final solution if they resisted deportation. Well either evil YT will awaken or become Eloi to the dark horde Morlocks. Stupid sleeping PC SWPL’s will continue to be food for the Morlocks. Oh well, you can only take care of yourself. Too bad we are oh so civilized that we have abolished corporal punishment. I would sell tickets for a good old fashioned Roman crucifixion for the perpetrators.

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