Mel Gibson’s Interview about the Khazar Converts

Regarding the youtube video that Micro embeds in his Tweet:

Published on Jan 5, 2016

The jew-ish ran Hollywood attacked him for saying the jews are behind all the wars. His father Ron Gibson did not believe the that 6 million so called jews died in the Holo-Hoax.

I’m not sure when the interview was conducted, but if I had to make a guess, I’d say at least 10 years ago. Mel Gibson is clearly a highly intelligent white man who is aware of group differences. He seems very honest, as well as articulate.

9 thoughts on “Mel Gibson’s Interview about the Khazar Converts

  1. Just caught Lethal Weapon 2 on the telievision….nothing else to do. Wow, nice anti-White propaganda. Ironic in that when I watched this movie when it was new, I never noticed being anti-white myself. But now that I am awake, the anti-white propaganda is thick. I try to watch movies I watched in my youth. Amazing to notice what I didn’t notice then.

    • I agree. I actually liked these Lethal Weapon movies when they came out. Mel Gibson’s character was the tough, ex-SF cop, Danny Glover was the cool Bill Cosby dad with the pleasant, middle-class, Bill Cosby family. The entire cast was multi-culti. The evil YT South Africans were portrayed as monstrous murderous psychos. This was the late 80’s when the U.S. led the world’s charge against South Africa because of their apartheid. The Hollyjew Matrix used movies like this to brain-wash and influence evil YT. I watched this movie on Jewtube a couple months ago, and like Roy above said, I was shocked at the Jew Spew (the nice, clean, middle-class negroes, the SJW cop taking down the evil YT South African oppressors, etc.) Of course, now it is 30 years later. South Africa is in shambles with a black gov’t (due to our interference and embargoes). Its evil YT people either fled the country or are still there and living in terror and squalor. Mel Gibson got black-balled by the Hollywood kikes for his Passion of the Christ movie and rant about jews. Danny Glover is actually a hard-core anti-white racist. Jesus, thank God for the red-pill. As the jews always say, “Never again”. I truly am horrified by how many evil American YT’s still live in the Jew Matrix.

    • Watch “the Wild Geese” action movie made with the help of the South African Govt in the 1980s. Awesome movie and a lot of Coons die. Many top stars in this movie.

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