Holocaust Hoax: Science Repudiates Mass Cremation Stories


Tonight, on Christmas eve, I’m posting a series of Micro’s Tweets that he published today. He went on a Tweetstorm embedding dozens of “truth about Jews” videos and articles. If you’re interested in Jewish history, then check out Micro’s Twitter before he’s banned again and all the information disappears.

From the youtube information box for this video:

Published on Sep 4, 2013

Thanks very much to Holocaust History channel for uploading this outstanding video on open air cremation.

It’s said that in the alleged Holocaust 1.7 million Jews were killed in gas chambers at the three so-called “death camps” of Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka. But what happened to the bodies?

According to the official Holocaust story, the bodies were all burned on improvised outdoor “grill racks” made of metal rails. Thousands of bodies were reduced to ash every day in fires that, according to the story, consumed only a small amount of fuel.

But is this really possible? Just what does it take to cremate a body in the open air? This Holocaust documentary looks into these questions using Holocaust survivor accounts, the information made available by Holocaust museums, the works of Holocaust scholars, and experimental data on cremation.

5 thoughts on “Holocaust Hoax: Science Repudiates Mass Cremation Stories

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  2. From what I have read, it takes about three hours to cremate a body in a crematorium. It requires a lot of heat and fuel. Try cremating millions of bodies. I find it hard to believe that they cremated thousands every day. That would have required immense man-power and resources.

  3. I have spent 26 years researching the Holocaust. I can state without any doubt that the entire enterprise was impossible from beginning to end. It just did not happen in any way that has been explained. A total of 296,000 Jews died in the work camps from 1939 to 1944. And this number may be exaggerated. Not a single loss of life above this number occurred. The International Red Cross has confirmed this several times…


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