Bill O’Reilly Acknowledges The Plot to Exterminate the White Race (Barely)

Bill O’Reilly states that every issue in America today is implicitly about race. “White privilege” is the target of the left.

Bill gets as close as any mainstream media figure in exposing the intention of the elites to softly genocide the European-American.

The youtube comments on this video are mostly stupid, written by leftists whose only interest is shuting up the alt-right. The important thing is that the white race is openly targeted and even O’Reilly is willing to speak about it.

Someone should ask Bill if he sees a race war on the horizon. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to believe that it can be avoided.

3 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Acknowledges The Plot to Exterminate the White Race (Barely)

  1. Years ago, before I got rid of my TV (2010), I used to watch O’Reilly and thought him a straight shooter. I also used to listen to Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, et. al. and thought the same. Of course, the brain-waves emitting from my Talmudvision kept me sedated and unaware. I took the red-pill and finally realized that they are all showmen/entertainers/shills with shows to accrue an audience and profit (nothing wrong with profit). Yes, they never admitted to being anything other than showmen, but there was the almost implicit belief that they were like the men of letters and pamphleteers e.g. the Adams’s, Patrick Henry, et. al. who had a forum (unlike the Average Joe) and an audience and who were dedicated to relating truths to the masses. I realized that O’Reilly and the rest, while courteous and polite, were cucks running their own business. That while they did have a forum, their own cuckiness (new word) and the fact that they were employed by the Jew Matrix (either TV/radio networks) and were controlled by (((ad sponsor))) shekels. So, their information and views would always be watered-down non-controversial pablum. None of them would dare to address topics of homosexuality, immorality, the Jewish Question, Caucasian interests, or any other relevant to life/culture topics. They all even admitted as much. They could not afford to interrupt the shekel flow. Again, I understand that they are only entrepreneur entertainers, and their business is their business. So, I ceased listening or watching.

  2. Heard this the other evening…so surprised to hear O’Reilly address this and I believe he is sincere. Haven’t watched him for many months, but tuned in on this night when I heard an ad he would be addressing the White issue. He doesn’t work directly for Fox News so he can pretty much say what he wants as long as he gets the ratings. At #1, he has them. For a long time, he tried to stay in the middle being what he would call “fair,” but Democrats have been so obvious in their hatred for Whites during and after the campaign, they opened the bag and let the cat out.

    Fox and Friends has been addressing the White issue, as well. Getting rid of (((Ailes))), with Murdoch now in charge, Fox seems to be changing. Some programs are actually speaking more kindly about Trump…and also a surprise, openly celebrating Christmas! We will see how this goes in the future.

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