Andrew Anglin Claims Partial Victory over Whitefish Jewish Racketeers


Daily Stormer

We’ve had a monumental breakthrough in Whitefish.

Top figures within Love Lives Here are throwing Tanya Gersh under the bus, saying they had no idea she was extorting Mrs. Spencer.


Rabbi Allen Sacher, husband of LLH founder Ina Albert, has claimed the organization had nothing to do with Gersh’s actions.

Jewish Journal:

Secher unequivocally rejected the claim that Love Lives Here approached Spencer, saying that Gersh was not speaking on the group’s behalf. Gersh didn’t respond to an emailed request for comment.

“Nothing was further from the truth,” Secher said of the allegation that his group pressured Spencer. “Love Lives Here never contacted her.”

Tanya Gersh herself referred to the Montana Human Rights Network in the emails posted by Mrs. Spencer, which LLH is “an affiliate of” according to their Facebook page and the Montana Human Rights Network website (basically, LLH is the Whitefish branch of the Montana Human Rights Network), claiming she was working with them, and that they had planned to protest the building. She also mentioned LLH by name, saying they gave an “incredible response” to the prospect of a sale.

But sure, okay – if LLC wants to claim they had nothing to do with it, and Gersh was lying and actually acted alone, that’s fine. I’ll take that.

What’s more – the current head of the organization itself, Will Randall, has told the Associated Press that he never tried to force the sale of the building and Gersh doesn’t represent the group – she was acting as an individual, he says.


Randall said his organization is not trying to force the Spencers out of Whitefish, and said the real-estate agent acted as an individual, not as a representative of Love Lives Here.

“I think the Spencers could resolve this by picking up the phone, calling their son and telling him to tell his followers to stop harassing people online and to take those actions down from the internet,” Randall said. “That’s how it can end and we can move on.”

Look, Randall – you couldn’t end this by coercing Richard Spencer.

Richard Spencer didn’t declare this protest. I did.


Anglin goes on with a list of demands, which basically amount to leaving Richard Spencer’s mother alone.

He promises to call off his the phone calls and other trolling in Whitefish that he instigated. He also promises to cancel the planned January armed skinhead march through downtown Whitefish.

5 thoughts on “Andrew Anglin Claims Partial Victory over Whitefish Jewish Racketeers

  1. Funny, but I do not believe I have ever come across a jew who has a real job. You know, a job in which you get your hands dirty. They all seem to be professionals, journalists, academicians, activists, rabbis, advocates, bankers, financiers, etc. It makes me wonder.
    Regards this Spencer situation, when the shekels, I mean chips are down, and the shekel flow is in danger, the kikes start eating their own. And I am f*cking liking it. See the Youtube video clip below to get an idea.

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