Richard Spencer: The Attacks on My Mother (Video)


Richard Spencer is a leading figure on the alt-right. His videos and articles helped put Donald Trump into the White House.

Spence names (((Tanya Gersh))) as a Jew worse than members of criminal gangs.

Gersh tried to extort Richard’s mom into selling her property, while serving as the broker. Gersh disapproves of Richard’s political views, so she has been trying to destroy Rich’s mom financially.

This is what, my third or fourth post on Sherry Spencer’s difficulties caused by a group of greedy Jews in Whitefish.

Let’s stand by Richard and his mom.

Published on Dec 20, 2016

Richard addresses the recent controversy in Whitefish involving an apartment building owned and operated by his mother.

As many of you know from previous posts, Gersh and the other Jews involved in trying to steal Sherry’s building have gone to the FBI and claimed that they are living in fear because of our efforts to expose their nefarious plans. There’s still a First Amendment and I’ve never heard of anyone threatening to Holocaust these despicable thieves, so the FBI will certainly leave Richard and the rest of us alone.

As Rich likes to say, “Hail Trump. Hail our people. Hail victory!”


4 thoughts on “Richard Spencer: The Attacks on My Mother (Video)

  1. Richard, when you stepped on the stage, you were naïve to think you wouldn’t be attacked viciously…including your family. This is how (((they))) are. Remember those who lost their jobs for saying less than you did. As long as they have more power and influence than you, you are at a disadvantage!

    Now, go fight back, but first, stop the Nazi salutes. Tell Andrew to grow up! Both of you are making all of us look bad!

    Anglin’s trolls made it much worse for Richard and his mother by saying, “All of you deserve a bullet through your skull. Choke on a shotgun and die. All of you would be of greater worth to society as human fertilizer than citizens.”

    For crying out loud, it’s no wonder the Alt-Right has a bad reputation!

  2. Jews are into Roman Salutes, as we have seen, if it causes confusion and a kvetch moment in the local rag; and they do spray-paint swastikas on synagogue walls. It gets attention.
    ‘love lives here flathead’ – is the extortioners kike charity. Check it; send a message? A nice one, like, “Thank you, Jews, for showing the world what serpents you Jews are.”
    The publication is @ acceptance of immigrants and perverts to Montana, and protecting blax. There are very few blax in the State, so the Jews feel diversity is needed. And they are into real estate, big time.
    What has happened here is a good example of how Jews operate, everywhere. They are serpents, after all.

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