Outrageous! Video Shows Cop Use Taser on 91-Year-Old Man in Nursing Home Because He Didn’t Want to Go to the Doctor

The cop who fired the taser should be indicted, arrested, and convicted of felony manslaughter.

This is outrageous!



Newly-released body-camera video captures the scene from March in which an undersheriff with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office tased a 91-year-old man with Alzheimer’s at a Minneapolis nursing home because the man wouldn’t get in a car to go to the doctor.

We first told you about the incident after it happened in March. The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office has had it under investigation.

The original report from the incident is that the 91-year-old man was violent. But those who spoke with Eyewitness News Thursday after watching the video say they don’t see it that way.

The entire video lasts 28 minutes; from the time officers arrive until after the man is is tased and he’s taken out on a stretcher.

The video shows the man repeatedly refusing to leave for his doctor’s visit, batting officers’ hands away when they try to help him up, and in the end, making a run for it.

That’s when we see an undersheriff tase him.

The 91-year-old man’s family has asked us to protect his identity in the video. They say the handcuffs broke his wrist and they believe this incident weakened his heart and led to his death two months later.

7 thoughts on “Outrageous! Video Shows Cop Use Taser on 91-Year-Old Man in Nursing Home Because He Didn’t Want to Go to the Doctor

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  2. ” relax buddy”???
    This made my day! A 91 year old man gets tazed by cowardly scum and then told ” relax buddy”. I am missing the science lesson here. Maybe the science of relaxing was taught to Lee here. It I that cannot relax!

  3. The staff behind the nurses station did not even look when the elderly man was tased and
    fell to the floor. And, where was the nurse or supervisor? They are suppose to be advocates for the pt. Unbelievable!

  4. Tasers are to even the odds against strong and dangerous men and especially men with knives and simliar weapons. Not an unarmed elderly man who shoudl have the right not to see a doctor if he does not want to. Why can not the doctor travel to the nursing home, something odd here?
    I thought the USA was a free country?
    Why on earth would a nursing home call police in such a situation? Do they have no male nursing staff? Are the staff all frail and teensy women these days? What about equality in hiring, there should be some men there, to get dirty work like this done without killing people?

    I did not watch the video.

  5. What if the next one that gets tazed belongs to a large clan that believe in blood feuds in which case everyone bleeds red, badge or not. I won’t feel sorry for any of these jackasses when I see it on the news. Rest homes would do well to use discretion.

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