Christmas Special: Prancer (1989–Full Movie)

You looking for a white, family-oriented Christmas movie?

You got it.

Prancer offers a wonderful antidote to the (((NBC News))) effort to promote Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer as a homosexual role model to children at Christmas. That story is covered in the next post. It’s ridiculous, and NBC deserves to be boycotted.

The movie here creates some Christmas magic while focused on a white family struggling economically. Then a reindeer comes into their life.

Youtube will probably take this film down after Christmas, so enjoy it while it’s still up.

Since the movie was made, Sam Elliott has become an Internet meme.



For the record, Sam Elliott is not on the Wikipedia list of Jewish actors.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Special: Prancer (1989–Full Movie)

  1. Anticipating someone saying Elliott is Jewish? No, he’s not.

    A tough guy role eventually realizing his daughter (children) is more important than anything in his life. Can’t help but be touched by this movie. Animals and kids, what’s better than that?

    One of many memorable parts was when Jessica was hanging onto the veterinarian’s truck door as he was pulling away begging him to treat Prancer, then telling him off when he refused. Won’t say anymore. Watch it!

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