Scumbag Who Pushed Woman Down Stairs in Germany is Roma From Bulgaria

Speculation that the subway kicker in Germany who drew international rebuke last week is a Muslim has proven incorrect.

Muslims are hereby off the hook for this particular dastardly act. However, let not your heart be worried. Germany now has an even bigger issue with a Muslim–the terror truck attacker who killed 12.

No, the subway kicker was not a Muslim, but he is from a nonwhite racial group that has plagued Europe for centuries.

If you’ve forgotten the kick, here’s the video that shocked the world:

Gates of Vienna

It turns out that the “subway kicker” — the man who kicked a woman down the stairs of the Berlin subway in a surveillance video that went viral — is indeed a culture-enricher. But he’s not a Muslim, he’s a Roma, a.k.a. a gypsy. His name is Svetoslav Stoykov, and the news reports refer to him as a “Bulgarian”, because that’s the passport he carries. Designating him a Bulgarian is a cause of great shame for ethnic Bulgarians, as the following news report shows.

Many thanks to Tanya T. for translating this clip from Nova TV, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Learn more about the widely despised Romani (Roma) people, who originated in India, at Wikipedia.

8 thoughts on “Scumbag Who Pushed Woman Down Stairs in Germany is Roma From Bulgaria

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  2. Many Roma are Muslim. The Ottoman Turks conquered and controlled for centuries what we call Eastern Europe. They are not Caucasian, but are sub-human and very dangerous. Everyone despises the National Socialists for their “extermination” of untermensch, but they had the right intention. These untermenschen all over the world are a danger to the civilized West. Granted, much of the West has devolved and become infected by the Jew Matrix, but if we can contain these untermenschen and return to our fore-father’s beliefs, we can reclaim what has been lost.

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