8 thoughts on ““Stop worshiping the Jews:” Twitter’s Most Banned Member Went on an EPIC Tweetstorm Against Jews on Tuesday

  1. Oh, dear, he places Christianity in the same category as Judaism. Maybe, someone should tell this guy, God and Jesus rejected the Jews up to this to day.

    • Tweet him or direct message him. I did a few days ago on another matter. Put a link in your DM refuting his claims about Christianity. I would do it but I don’t have a good link. BTW, he’ll probably get banned from Twitter again for criticizing the Jews.

  2. The guy’s presentation sounds strident, but an examination of history both recent and long passed will show that he is right on the money. Jews control the Jew Matrix (what we call “reality” today as experienced through pop culture, all media forms, government, the arts, sciences, banking, finance, law, etc) and the Narrative (all men are equal, the sexes are equal, LBGTQ, abortion and miscegenation are normal etc). Not a day goes by that you can turn around and not be exposed to some Jew spew (the evil YT devil is the source of all evil, global warming is man-made, guns are evil etc.). Most evil YT’s will not form actual relationships with the Juden, because the Juden are taught to remain apart from gentiles except to trade/exploit them. And, the Jews never let up on their yammering about the Holocaust and anti-semitism which (((they))) use as a club against us evil YT goys to keep us in line and prevent us from questioning or criticizing (((them))). I am a civilized, courteous, considerate, and respectful evil YT who wishes no one harm who does not wish me harm. The Jews are a deceitful and insidious undermining influence in our country/culture. Shun and ridicule them whenever possible. What is good for the goose applies to the gander.

    • Micro’s clever repartee with his enemies and our enemies both amuses and impresses me. I’ve followed him through quite a few bans. He changes the last numbers in his @ name to get back into Twitter. He also uses what he calls burner phones to get back in. When I started with him, his last number in his @ was a 9. He’s up to 29 now. Several others create fake Micro Twitter sites for whatever reason. He had left the Jews out of it until now. As he said, he didn’t want to hurt Trump’s chances. BTW, when I first discovered him he had 30,000 or more followers. Every time Twitter bans him, he has to rebuild his follower base. Jack, the guy who founded Twitter, really doesn’t like people to speak the truth there.

  3. Nobody denies the Jews wrote the Old Testament, the Torah. So I do not know why Christians read this book at all. Or believe it. Christianity is indeed built, sadly, on Judaism. It is as though the New Testament means nothing unless the Old Testament is believed word for word.

    As for MicroPizzaSanta, he is an uber troll I guess. I do not see the point in attacking ones enemies in this way. It is an end in itself. Somebody or other said “All writing is autobiography”. Anyone who gets angry very easily often has issues from the past, e.g. childhood, which has nothing to do with the claimed source of their anger.

    Hitler was an angry guy. Maybe to do with his father or his mystery down and out years in Vienna. Maybe his energies and talents were misdirected. In the end he helped those he hated and hurt those he said he loved. Such as the British Empire – destroyed. White German pride – wrecked and disgraced. Communism – elevated and victorious. Jews – elevated. Sub-humans – victorious and raping ten million or more German women. Prussia – gone forever, most is now Poland.

    Better to win allies than to provoke and create enemies. Nonetheless this Santa guy is intriguing and obviously intelligent.

    • Crawling through Central European History, One soon discovers that what the Whining Germans claim as their own, was IN FACT NEVER THEIRS in the first place. Not was there even such a notion as German Nation[alism], until mid 1860s. They were always small minded, grubby, self centered, agro bullies doing what their Princelings ordered them to do. Forever split into innumerable city states.
      However, IF it is only JUST & RIGHT that the “Germans” should have their lands returned, that is Pomerania, Silesia and Prussia,
      It can only be RIGHTEOUS JUSTICE that these Slavic lands were returned to Poland and are Poland NOW, as they were POLISH before the mighty and pure Germans invaded and stole the land. And the perfect Nordics did this three times. The !st Partition in 1772. And no declaration of war, either. And the 4th time, without declaration of war, in 1939.
      As for the name, ‘Prussia’, it was stolen, also. Royal Prussia was a Polish fief.
      Crawling through Central European History one learns quickly that the Germans have no hereditary claim to Eastern Europe, and lebensraum is another name for murdering people to steal their lands.
      Which is exactly what the Hohenzollerns declared.

      “Better to win allies than to provoke and make enemies.” Yea, sure. Tell that to the Germans, who are being raped, and still provoking and making enemies. Ragnarok is for Stupid Germans and they deserve what they get.

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