Puerto Rican Woman Sentenced to 50 Years for Blowing Up Her House, Killing Two, to Collect Insurance


A white father has refused to forgive a mud who participated in an insurance fraud that killed his daughter and son-in-law.

This man deserves our approval for not hugging his son’s nonwhite murderer and uttering his forgiveness. That’s the narrative the liberal media loves.

Wikipedia’s page on this case reports that 33 homes were destroyed by the witch and her gang of warlock scammers.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Four years after the deadly Richmond Hill explosion, another chapter has closed.

Marion County Superior Court Judge Sheila Carlisle sentenced Monserrate Shirley to spend the maximum sentence of 50 years in prison on Tuesday.

The sentence accounts for time served and good time credit. She has already been behind bars for four years. That becomes eight years when good time credit is applied. Ultimately, she could end up serving 21 years if she maintains good behavior in prison.

Shirley owned the home at the epicenter of the November 2012 explosion that killed two people and damaged dozens of other homes causing more than $4 million in damages.

Denise Robinson, the Marion County Prosecutor on the case, told the court she rarely asks for the maximum sentence. But in this case, Monserrate Shirley had already received leniency from the state when she entered into a plea agreement that dismissed a total of 50 charges, including murder.

“Arguing for the maximum in this case, when you live with this case and you see the impact, and you know what devastating effect it’s had on these lives, it just compels you to argue for that,” said Robinson.

“When we got in this case, we were asked to save her life,” said defense attorney James Voyles. “We have done that. It’s a difficult case. It’s very difficult sentencing hearing we’ve been through for two days. But ultimately I think we were able to accomplish what we needed to do for her.”

Shirley agreed to plead guilty to two counts conspiracy to commit arson and testify against the co-conspirators in exchange for having all other charges dropped.

The co-conspirators include Shirley’s boyfriend at the time, Mark Leonard, and his brother, Bob Leonard Jr. The brothers were sentenced to terms of life without parole for spearheading the conspiracy.

Shirley claims Leonard coerced her involvement, testifying that he threatened her and her daughter.

Much of Tuesday’s testimony included accounts of Shirley’s difficult childhood. She grew up in Puerto Rico with a violently abusive father who would often beat Shirley as well as her siblings and mother. Two mental health experts testified that her childhood could have contributed to her decision to stay with Mark Leonard and go along with his plan to blow up her house for insurance money.

According to Shirley’s account, she was struggling to stay financially afloat when she met Leonard, and within a month of dating, he came up with the idea. Her house exploded on their third attempt of trying to claim insurance money.

“I want everyone to know how sorry I am for this horrible tragedy,” she said in court in front of Richmond Hill residents. “I was scared for my life and the life of my daughter.”

“Forgive me for my poor choices in life,” she continued. “Every day I ask myself why I didn’t stop this. The truth is, I was scared.”

Shirley’s apology rang hollow to many Richmond Hill residents in the courtroom. It also didn’t carry much weight for the families of Dion and Jennifer Longworth, who died in the blast.

“Too little, too late,” said Jennifer Longworth’s father, Don Buxton. “I didn’t give it any credibility. I see a con artist when I look at her.”

“If she really is apologetic, then I accept the apology,” said Dion Longworth’s father, John Longworth. “I don’t believe in vengeance and I know that my son is not a person that would accept vengeance and such things, he didn’t live that way.”

“I look at Monserrate Shirley and I see a wasted life,” said Tony Burnett, who lived across the street from Shirley. “I look at a neighbor that I would have been happy to help if she would have just come across the street and said, man I got a problem will you give me a hand? And I look at all the opportunity she had where she could have gone for help and she never did.”

Gary Thompson was handed a 30-year prison sentence, 20 years executed, for his role in the murderous insurance fraud scheme.

Glenn Hults, the final defendant to stand trial for the explosion, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge last month that may result in no additional jail time.

3 thoughts on “Puerto Rican Woman Sentenced to 50 Years for Blowing Up Her House, Killing Two, to Collect Insurance

  1. What the f*ck is wrong with these people? The greatest tragedy I see today are the many evil YT’s who want to behave like niggers, spics, jews, and illegal aliens. In my eyes, white trash like these people are lower than the other POS I listed above. They are Caucasians with white DNA. I would be perfectly amenable to placing these type YT’s in labor camps.

  2. Insurance is a racket. Nobody should ever be able to get more money than their house is worth. Maybe 90% to 95% maximum. Thus the incentive to blow it up should be zero. Yet 3000 people died on 911 and Mr Larry Shekelstein was massively overpaid – $4 billion on his tiny original investment and cheap insurance policy. He had an incentive to blow up his own outdated and asbestos filled buildings, even more so than did this Puerto Rican woman. Without the 911 terrorist insurance, those NY buildings might still be standing. Insurance encourages murder, theft, lying! Insurance companies screw honest people and reward rthe crooked. But not in this case. The insurance company keeps the premium, though they may have had to pay for the neighbors homes. If it was an act of terror, they might have got out of paying anything.

    This woman got 50 years, the two guys each got life, 2 people dead. Lucky Larry got $4 billion, nobody went to jail, Israelis dancing in the streets, 3000 dead plus one million Iraqi dead. Trillions of US dollars pissed up against the wall by the military. Plus opium now grown again in Afghanistan and all white countries being invaded by rapefugees. All due to the 911 insurance fraud.

    Who is Mr Leonard and what is his ethnicity? This is a popular Christian and Surname for Jews, who are experts on insurance fraud. Sheldon Leonard, Leonard Cohen. Leonard Nimoy, all from showbiz.

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