Muslim Mayor of London to Give Homeless Bums £50 Million


The liberal politician will bleed you dry and then demand your firstborn as additional payment. These pukes love to spend OPM-other people’s money.

The City of London’s Muslim mayor has decided that bums, drug addicts, and loons will get a free home. But the hard working taxpayer not only does NOT get a free home, but has to pay for homes for the sewer rats.

How long before the sewer rats tear up their new homes, I wonder.

Homeless people will be able to move out of hostels and refuges and into their own properties thanks to a new £50 million fund.

Plans for the fund were unveiled by Sadiq Khan, who also announced specialist funding to support female rough sleepers in London.

The Mayor of London was joined by Ellie Goulding as they visited the Marylebone Project, which supports homeless women.

Housing providers will receive the cash as part of the Mayor of London’s £3.15 billion Affordable Homes Programme.

The government agreed to provide the funding in the Autumn Statement.

Homeless women will be supported by the Female Hidden Homeless Project, which has been handed its own funding.

The project, run by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, is particularly important as women on the streets are more likely to refuse help and more vulnerable.

It will lead to dedicated mental health support, with the aim of providing a route off the streets for women who have been sleeping rough for a long time across London.

Mr Khan said: ‘Homelessness is a complicated problem and it will take time to turn things around, but I’m determined we do everything we can to support people from becoming homeless and help them if they do.

‘This is why I’ve set out plans to invest £50 million in accommodation for people moving from hostels to long-term independent living, alongside the £9 million we spend every year on rough sleeping services.

‘Rough sleeping can be very dangerous, and homeless women are particularly vulnerable to abuse, which is why the specialist services provided by places like the Marylebone Project and the Female Hidden Homeless Project that I am supporting are much needed.’

The accommodation funded by the mayor will run on two-year tenancies to homeless people ready for independent living.

Well, men are getting the short end of the stick again, even among the lazy layabouts. Women get homes, but men don’t? It reminds me of the old country song, “She got the gold mine, I got the shaft.”

7 thoughts on “Muslim Mayor of London to Give Homeless Bums £50 Million

  1. I live in London & that repellent walking, talking little turd world Kahnt is such a hypocrite. There’s about 10x more men than women sleeping rough. He doesn.t care about homeless, The s-skinned Kahnt is just taking it up his manlet backside from the CultMarx Feminist beasts.

  2. Homelessness is a result of mental illness, drugs, booze, criminal behavior, and for some, a desire to avoid all responsibility e.g. working a job, maintaining a house-hold. Other than the mental illness, the rest need to be given a boot in the a** and put into work camps. Arbeit macht frei.

  3. Stalin solved the housing problem by mass murdering tens of millions. In Australia a simliar result is achieved by kicking people off the waiting list. White people, that is. An SMS is sent by the Govt. If the SMS is not replied to, the person is kicked off the list even if 8 years have passed. An SMS can easily go missing of course.
    My Australian State Govt has tried this trick on me several times over the past four years. I told them I have no mobile phone so they must write to me. They still play this trick and say “There is no note on your record that you no longer have a mobile phone” This has been for three years and more.
    I was told I must wait ten years, to get subsidized housing, by which time I will be over 70 years of age.
    African non working Coons and Niggers get housing after 1 day, or the same day.
    Abos almost as fast. Single mothers and their children are next in line.
    Then older women.
    Then non whites, the darker the better. Including married couples and their hordes of welfare brats.
    Then criminals out of jail.
    Then drug addicts.
    Then alcoholics.
    Then bums who have never worked or paid tax.
    Last of all, those sucker male whites like me that worked for 40 years and paid tax.

    I should mention the stupidity of a system that lets a woman whose kids have grown up and left keep her three bedroom apartment for ever at subsidized rates. Women overwhelmingly get the most benefit from subsidized housing in Australia. They are the people that also say they are equal to men and want to work!

    • Politicians around the globe buy votes this way. They establish themselves as champions of the displaced and down trodden by creating debt for the taxpayer, who is always left holding the bag. Since the average white man doesn’t fit the requirements they kick him to the curb only to be reminded occasionally that the average white man is the majority of the taxpaying income. That’s where the shaming and ridiculing must kick in.

  4. He’s not being kind hearted or generous. It wasn’t his money going to buy the homes! It was tax dollars! Money taken from workers and buyers used to make him look good! While the unthinking praise him for being a saint he actually contributed nothing but to make a decision and then sign it into existence! To oppose his idea is to answer the question ‘Do you still beat your wife?’ Cities worldwide are going broke feeding these jerks PR campaigns!

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