MTV’s “Hey White Guys” Video Aims to Mentally Castrate Young White Males

MTV shot itself in the foot when it produced an obviously anti-white propaganda video and published it this week.

This is good news for the alt-right. It shows to even the sleeping millennials that the white genocide agenda is real.

The negative response to a “New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys” MTV video has been so negative that according to Real Clear Politics it’s been deleted by MTV. The bootleg copy above was posted by another youtuber.


MTV News faced a wave of backlash on Monday and into Tuesday after it published an online “Hey, white guys” video.

The video, posted on social media, was aimed at offering “2017 resolutions for white guys.”

“Hey fellow white guys, it’s about to be a new year. And there’s a few things we think you could do a little better in 2017,” several MTV News employees said to begin the video.

“First off, try to recognize that America was never ‘great’ for anyone who wasn’t a white guy,” an MTV News employee continued, an apparent reference to President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

The individuals in the video continued to tackle other issues, including the Black Lives Matter movement and “mansplaining,” among other things.

The video generated an intense dialogue online, receiving more than 13,000 replies, while critics denounced it, contending the material was an example of overt racism.

“Judging a group of people by the color of their skin? There is a word for that, right? Oh wait, it’s targeting whites, nevermind,” read one widely circulated reply.

“Yikes. This is a tad hypocritical, no? We could ALL do a little better. ALL of us. Nobody is exempt,” read another.

“If your goal was to change minds, take this video down, because you are doing the opposite of that,” another Twitter user wrote.

A spokesperson for MTV News did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In the last year, MTV has attempted to breathe new life into its news operation. The company brought on several high-profile journalists from established news organizations, such as Ana Marie Cox from the New York Times Magazine and Jamil Smith from The New Republic.

The outlet, like many new media ventures, considers itself to be the “conversation authority for the millennial audience.”

There are too many video responses to the MTV video to post all of them. Unfortunately, none of them defend race realism or the alt-right. They seem to be populated with anti-racists who are offended by this particular MTV video, not the whole anti-white culture.

Here are a few of the many critiques of “Hey, white guys:”

11 thoughts on “MTV’s “Hey White Guys” Video Aims to Mentally Castrate Young White Males

  1. Watch this video instead to see how life was for whites in 1932. Very good song by Bing Crosby. Another SJW variant of this video gives you the impression that Coon soldiers and sailors won WWI. A complete fabrication. This video is closer to the truth. These people were poor because of the policies of the global bankers and reckless Wall Street gambling and margin loans, Who ran the Fed in 1929 and 1932? The same people that run it now, and always have since 1913.

    • My high school history teacher, a true gentleman racist, told us that Roosevelt was jealous of Hitler because National Socialism quickly put everyone back to work. Mr. Kent also told us that Churchill was also jealous of Hitler for his success. My family never had any wealth to lose so we weren’t hurt by the depression, except that we had to go on the road as migrant farm workers, picking crops here and there for dimes.

  2. Just what I need. A bunch of loudmouths who never created a single job, never met a payroll and never paid a dime of corporate tax telling me what I need to do. They can take their advice and put it where the proctologist goes.

  3. Unfortunately, the cucked white males that watch MTV actually buy into this crap. These are the same people who were the first in line to see Rouge One. Also, I love the crazy negro at the end….”Cause dis is baaaad”

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  5. I’m White and am interested in White issues. So how come Beyonce (a rich privileged black) isn’t called derogatory names for bring interested in black issues ?

    • Because blacks, any black, gets a free pass simply because their whiney butts can’t get over an issue which ended over 175 years ago and has not touched a single black life of today! There is, however, profit in being the Eternal Victim.

  6. My grand-parents on both sides suffered through the Depression. My dad’s parents were itinerant migrants who traveled from place to place to pick crops. My dad, though a boy, had to work too. F*ck the privileged Jew c*nts and their goy fellow-travelers who rigged the system and turn up their noses at us deplorables. Regards (((MTV))), I too am making a video. It will be called “Hey Niggers/Spics/Jews/Illegal Aliens”.

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