Latino Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Federal Hate Crime Charges in First Case Involving “Transgender” Victim

A Latino was afraid his gang would find out about his sexual relationship with a so-called trans woman. Thus, he decided to kill her rather than be injured or killed by his gang.

How can a homo or bisexual male who’s been having sex with a tranny be viewed as hating trannies? It makes no sense. But now the feds can charge anyone with injuring or killing a tranny by calling it a hate crime.

The Latino was found guilty in a state court and will serve a life sentence on state murder charges. Thus, the federal hate crime charge isn’t going to affect him.

It will change the legal environment for anyone else who fights back against an attack by a mentally ill male wearing a dress and makeup.

The American police state rejoiced today.


The man accused of the 2015 killing a teenager in George County has pleaded guilty to first federal hate crime in the U.S. for the death of the transgender woman.

Josh Vallum entered the guilty plea for the death of 17-year-old Mercedes Williams on Wednesday. According to information from the court, Vallum chose to “waive prosecution by indictment and consent to prosecution by Bill of Information.”

According to recently unsealed court documents, Vallum “willfully caused bodily injury” to Williams because of her “actual and perceived gender identity.

The teenager was found buried in a wooded area near Odom Rd in the Rocky Creek Community on June 2, 2015. Vallum, who turned himself in the same day she was found, was sentenced to life in prison by the state court in July 2016.

“Our nation’s hate crime statutes advance one of our fundamental beliefs: that no one should have to live in fear because of who they are,” said Attorney General Lynch. “Today’s landmark guilty plea reaffirms that basic principle, and it signals the Justice Department’s determination to combat hate crimes based on gender identity. While Mississippi convicted the defendant on murder charges, we believe in the fundamental value of identifying and prosecuting these bias-fueled incidents for what they are: acts of hate. By holding accountable the perpetrator of this heinous deed, we reinforce our commitment to ensuring justice for all Americans.”

According to the Department of Justice, Vallum and Williams began dating around late spring / early summer of 2014. Vallum, a member of the Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation gang, knew that Williams was born a male and kept the nature of his relationship a secret from family and friends. Vallum told officials that he feared he would be in danger if other Latin King members found out, as homosexual activities were prohibited in the gang.

The pair broke up around August or September 2014, having no further contact until May 2015. After learning a friend found out about the relationship, Vallum decided to kill the teenager on May 28.

Vallum picked Williams up from her Alabama home, he used false pretenses to get her in his car and driver her to Mississippi. After arriving at his father’s house in Lucedale, Vallum stunned the teen with a stun gun and repeatedly stabbed her with a pocket knife.

When the victim ran away, Vallum chased and stabbed her again multiple times, including what he thought was a fatal stab to the head. When Vallum went back to his car, Williamson tried yet again to flee. Vallum got a hammer from his trunk, and hit the teen in the head repeatedly until she died.

After attempting to get rid of the murder weapons, Vallum lied and told police he killed the woman after learning she was transgender. On Dec. 21, Vallum admitted that he lied and would not have killed her if she had not been transgender.

“Hate crime has no place in our society, especially by those targeting victims solely for their sexual orientation or identity,” said Special Agent in Charge Freeze. “This guilty plea will go towards demonstrating hate crime will not be tolerated in the United States. The FBI will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to vigorously investigate hate crimes and bring those to justice who violate the civil rights of our citizens.”

Vallum faces life in prison and a $250,000 fine. The DOJ noted that the government was able to charge him with a federal hate crime because Mississippi does not have a hate crimes statute that protects people based on gender identity.

The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevent Action of 2009 (18 U.S.C. § 249) was passed by Congress in 2009, and enacted in 2010.

I have a feeling that this guy isn’t going to be able to come up with the $250,000 fine. And a second life sentence is meaningless as well. The danger to the rest of us revolves around being found innocent in state court and then having to face federal charges.

8 thoughts on “Latino Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Federal Hate Crime Charges in First Case Involving “Transgender” Victim

  1. It could be argued that almost all murders are hate crimes. Hit men excepted. Those that hire them however are guilty of hate. Sometimes a murder may be motivated by fear – a defensive murder as it were.
    if a wife kills her husband, why is this not called a hate crime and prosecuted as such? Often there will be a ton of evidence of true hate in such a situation.

    This case seems to mean if a bum bandit kills his male lover – then he is a hater.

  2. Why do you need Hate crime laws? Isn’t everything you need already codified into Law, and then some? Surely your motivation for a crime like this is between you and your God, not the State?

    And…ugly Trannie too. Bad taste in men AND women.

  3. It is ridiculous to criminalise hate. Jews wrote these laws for all white countries to adopt – or else. One day (((they))) can amend them so that love of whites, of nation or of family or even Jesus is also punishable under these same laws.
    Laws should never be about thoughts or emotions but only about actions.
    Love and hate are closely linked. Love of the family means hate for any potential attacker or invader. Same for love of nation, hate for any invader and hate for (((those))) like Merkelstein that opened the gates to the enemy.

    • When I was fired by the university, they claimed to be able to read my mind. Specifically, that I was planning to rape coeds. Thus, they sent the university police out to try to find some coed who would claim that I raped her. From what I think I know they pushed for someone to claim that I acted improperly, but found no one who would say anything other than nice things about me.

      It’s called projection. The university president is an adulterer, rapist in his youth, and has a sexual interest in children. He projected his sick shit on me.

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