Köksal Baba–Popular Badass Muslim Who Takes on Any Challenge (Video)

The brief video above offers an insight into the masculine Muslim culture in Turkey. Westerners would not feel comfortable living among these creatures. Unfortunately, as we know, they are pouring into the West so that we have no choice in the matter.

Apparently this LITTLE Turk has a BIG following on his youtube channel. He publishes new videos regularly that draw tens of thousands of views each.

Link to Koksal Baba’s youtube channel

Link to Koksal Baba’s website

Turkey subreddit

He is the man, the myth, the legend.

A badass small dude that has absolutely no fear of taking on not just one guy more than 3 times his size but often many opponents at once, fearlessly striking them to show them what a man he really is. There is no challenge too great for this guy.

3 thoughts on “Köksal Baba–Popular Badass Muslim Who Takes on Any Challenge (Video)

  1. I imagine in that kind of society a midget does not have an easy life. I do not think that I would just arbitrarily start assaulting people. I think the gun in the last part will be the guy’s undoing. Also, my observation of this guy’s and other people’s probosces leads me to believe that there is a lot of Semitic blood in these people. We know the Turks are part Aryan, and I would imagine the Semites/Khazars are in the woodpile going way back. It would be interesting to know their DNA profiles.

  2. This is Jooze the Merchant, yet! Who else! So why is he making all these vids in Ottoman Turkey, ya knows? What’s wrong with Jew York, Jew York, already?
    Look at the schnozzle, the slope head, the rubber-lips and the chinless wonder.

    The “Young Turks” were Crypto Jews, Donmeh, [Khazars], and the Govt. in Turkey is Cripto J, also. As is the House of Saud.

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