Check Out This Jewish Scam from a Hundred Years Ago

Jewish Forward

100 years ago

Joseph Hoffman, head of a gang of schnorrers, was sentenced to six months in prison after it was discovered that he taught and organized a group of allegedly crippled panhandlers to beg for money, from which he received a cut, on the streets of New York City. One of his former charges, Joseph Rosenbaum, testified against him in court, claiming that Hoffman taught his “students” to walk with limps and to wear fake bandages. Rosenbaum, whose head was bandaged, was caught by a detective outside an uptown hotel. He initially told the cops that he was a striking painter who had been beaten up by a scab and was trying to get money to feed his family. But when the detective yanked off his bandage, there was no wound to be found. Rosenbaum was arrested and admitted the whole scheme, explaining Hoffman’s “cripple factory” to the police.

Stepping back into history reveals that Jews have long been thought of by Americans in a negative light. The image below was produced by Germany in 1944 for distribution to American soldiers, emphasizing a thought too horrible for many to contemplate: They were fighting for Jewish bankers who would crash the economy after the war, leaving them back in another Great Depression.


7 thoughts on “Check Out This Jewish Scam from a Hundred Years Ago

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  2. So (((Fagin))) is not a fictitious character after all.
    Gypsies do these things as well and go much further. They cripple some of their babies to make better beggars. They drug their babies and dogs so they sleep all day long and look sick. Never give a gypsy a bean – but watch out for the Evil Eye!

    Australia is a Socialist State with generous welfare for any legal resident who applies for it and who is “willing” to work or “unable” to work. Even so there are bums throughout the city panhandling especially where tourists wander. Pretending to be crippled is an old gag. Watch the fake limps and ridiculous kneeling postures and stupid scrawled messages. Many of these people are drug addicts – the welfare is not enough to buy heroin, though enough to buy booze for most normal people.

    The good thing about all this begging is it might wake many people up. I argued with a Sydney beggar one day and showed him the authentic hole in my trousers – i;e. not a “fashion” hole. I said “You are begging money from me yet you are wearing better clothes than I am”. That stumped him.

    I have read that in Sydney many beggars get more money in half a day than workers get for a full day. The beggar can get welfare as well and pay no tax on any of it.

    I once saw a Buddhist “monk” in Sydney get money from 2 or the 3 people he presented the lap of his frock to. People are pretty gullible.

    • The NY cop who pulled the bandage off the Jew’s head a hundred years ago did not know of such a thing as political correctness, anti-semitism, etc. Today, he would be fired, if he had the courage to expose the scam.

      If you travel to the Mexican border (don’t!), you’ll see dirty children sitting on the streets begging. Even 30 years ago I was suspicious and had no sympathy for the beggars. I guess I’m just a cold-hearted bastard.

      • Funny thing, only one line of my post was about the Jew. Maybe Jews identify with beggars, gypsies and scammers? An East European woman shared some wisdom with me, these are roughly her words…
        “Everything everybody does is for selfish reasons. People give money to beggars to feel better, not so the beggar feels better”.
        In East Europe it is a common idea amongst women that when a man rewards a female it is because he wants to – thus he should not be thanked!

        Using her valid idea, Incrustations (the spellchecker word for Christians) that beat and scourged themselves in the times of the black death did so for their own pleasure. Even people that dedicate their entire life to looking after a sick relative do so for their own pleasure and feeling of “goodness”.

        Beggars are ruthlessly and cunningly taking advantage of the human conscience – the need to do “good”. Churches and charities do the same thing.

  3. Yes, scam and deceit are in the jew’s DNA. Anything to scam the goy. Though now it is on a global scale involving trillions of dollars.

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