Breaking: German Police Name New Suspect in Terror Truck Attack

Surprise! The new suspect is from North Africa!

But something is starting to smell. The police claim that they found his asylum papers under the seat of the truck used in the attack.

How stupid is that? Are we supposed to believe that all these Muslim terrorists leave their identification in vehicles for the police to find? The same thing happened in the Charlie Hebdo Paris attack.

German police are searching for a Tunisian man in connection with the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin.

The new suspect is aged 21 or 23 and is known by three different names, according to German media.

Officers identified the suspect after finding asylum office papers believed to belong to the attacker under the driver’s seat of the truck that crashed into the market.

Der Spiegel, which did not cite its sources, said the document was in the name of Anis A., born in Tataouine in 1992.

Previously, police arrested a Pakistani man who arrived in Germany a year ago.

But they released him after saying they thought they had the wrong man, and no forensic evidence linked him to the vehicle.

The man behind the attack used a pistol to kill Polish lorry driver Lukasz Uran, before taking control of the truck.

He then drove it into the market, killing 12 people and injuring many more.

Six of the victims have been identified as German.

Even the commenters at Metro identify the ID dropping strategy with the Mossad and CIA. And why did it take police so long to find that ID unless it was planted later or the police are lying?


Are (((they))) setting us up in order to push public opinion toward fighting more wars in the Middle East? Will the suspect be found to have ties to Russia? Perhaps he’s even a close personal friend of Vladimir Putin?

Israel, is that you trying to trick us again to fight your wars for you?

15 thoughts on “Breaking: German Police Name New Suspect in Terror Truck Attack

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  2. The Europeans have become such cucks that they can not find their a**es in the dark with three hands and a flashlight. These attacks will continue with the usual aftermath of wailing, hand-wringing, and an attempt to figure out the “motive” for the attack. The dead will be buried and forgotten, and the news stories will cease until the next attack ad nauseum. I do not even care anymore when I hear about “terrorism” or “terror attacks”. In this country, I do not depend on our nigger/spic/illegal alien-loving (((gov’t))) or (((press))) to tell the truth any more or to be concerned with evil YT’s safety and security. I take care of that myself by being armed at all times. I will deal with any given situation as needs be done. Hopefully, the rest of you evil YT, insignificant deplorables are doing the same.

  3. Here we go again. They aren’t even bothering to come up with something original. That’s how much contempt they have for people. Remember the indestructible passports ?

    “Why would an attacker leave his ID behind in the lorry? #tunisian #Berlin” Why would he even take anything that might identify him ? His aim would have been to escape. He may as well have paused to take and post a selfie.

    They would have searched the lorry within minutes for explosives and/or weapons.

    Apparently Merky was attending a celebration of integration at the time of the attack.

    Isn’t this the same Police force that covered up the groping of hundreds of Ger/man girls on New Years eve, in Cologne, for about four days before they were caught out.

    Celebrating Arab men putting their hands down the panties of German girls.

  4. CNN Uses Germany Attack To Bash The Right

    “The attack in Berlin killed at least 12 people and injured dozens more, but on CNN’s website, the network’s top story warned about “the fallout of fear” and said that “attacks fuel [the] far right’s assault on democracy.”

    “The headline leads to an article by columnist (((David Andelman))), in which he warns not to let repeated Islamic terror attacks undermine the West’s commitment to mass immigration.
    “Across Europe, right-wing candidates are positioning themselves against immigration and Islam, defending an ever-tougher stance with every new terrorist assault.”

    “(((Andelman))) says, presenting this as a threat to “traditional democratic values” even though all the candidates he names are participants in electoral democracies.”

    Read more:
    Read more:

  5. A north African muzlem with a name (wait for it) like this guy who dropped his personal papers in the truck AFTER he shot dead the driver and murders 12 peaceful shoppers , the guy is really NAMED “ANUS”? only the jews or the jews at the cia could make up this kind of 911 stunt,with the passports found on site.

  6. Looks like a mini 911 and juts as fishy. Also explains why no police were at the attack site and the professional hit man was allowed to escape Scot free. Police must have been stood down like the US Air Force on the day of 911, thank you Mr Cheney, traitor. The single time in history the USA mainland is attacked by air and not one Air Force jet to intercept. Shame, all Americans should be outraged by this fact.

    Those a bit older, will recall the Baader Meinhof gang and the Red Brigades of the 1970s always in the headlines with a new outrage. Something like 5 members of the Baader Meinhof gang committed “suicide” on the same day inside different prisons years after being jailed. It has recently been revealed that both gangs were run by the offical powers that be, i.e. the CIA especially, to discredit Communism. So a large number of innocent Euro people were murdered by their own Governments to prevent the election of communist Governments. In addition, the Soviet Union was smeared unfairly when in fact it was “democratic” Governments killing all these people. The MSM has never apologized for all this false front page reporting. The real facts are now in the back pages, if any where in newsprint.

    Why not just ban Communist parties instead from elections? I can see a case for banning any party like Hitlers or Communist that intends to destroy democracy as soon as it is elected.

    So yes this Tunisian man looks like a patsy. No way would he have stashed his own papers under the seat. Also why did the Polish driver have to be killed? Maybe because he knew what the “terrorist” looked like, this is a hint the person was not wearing a mask. The driver also may have let this person in to the cab, and had arranged to meet him, maybe for some black market deal. How come the Tunisian man got very lucky with the load of steel beams? How did he know they were aboard? How did he know how to drive this truck? Is he a large and experienced large truck driver? Has all the truck GPS information been studied by genuine police and not criminals in on the attack?

    Here is an idea to stop this type of attack. Introduce biometrics to heavy vehicles so that only certain designated people can drive them after signing in. E.g. a school bus fleet can only be driven by the drivers working for that firm. Why this is like 911 is that no driver or pilot will obey orders from gun wielding hitmen to mass murder civilians.

    • Same with Italy’s Red Brigades. I recall the Bologna railway station attack (in I think 1982) where the truth accidently fell out of the box and there stood Gladio in all its naked glory.

  7. Perhaps if I want to immigrate to Ireland, I should simply steal any random truck and they will magically appear under the seat.

    Seems legit.

    There is still yet hope for you to immigrate to New Zealand, PJ!

  8. PS: You should consider YouTube. Most of the WordPress community has done so, and subsequently gained so many more followers,that WP ends up becoming a secondary account for when particularly interesting stories also deserve the written word to further circulation.

    Reallygraceful has 25,000 subscribers. Reality Calls has 35,000. The Golden One has 44,500. Evalion, who’s just a beautiful girl that’s only aware of the problem and spends some time making her videos into high-quality, made it all the way to 75,000 subscribers before getting shoahed.
    ForgottenRoots, who uses no advertising or hash-tags at all, has gone from 0 to 1,200 since January.
    And my favorite, Varg Vikernes, just cracked 94,000 subscribers. (His wife Marie Cachet has 12,000 and she posts mostly articles but rarely videos.)

    Sure, there’s a chance of getting shoahed if the truth is on your side, but pretty much every person on Earth online uses YouTube, so your message can reach everybody there.

    You ought to follow suit. Have you given it any consideration? Or are you afraid of getting harassed by Jews, as one Christian Picciolini has been doing lately to young nationalist girls?

    • I need to be in a secure location before I think about doing youtube. I actually requested the university’s help in making videos for posting on youtube in 2005, but then the stuff hit the fan and I was out on my butt.

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