Staggering Increase in U.S. Urban Murder Rates Portends Huge Crisis


Excerpt from Zerohedge

The Brennan Center for Justice has just updated its annual crime report, and the surge in violent crime and murder rates across the country is somewhat staggering. While the Brennan Center continues to downplay the YoY increases, saying “concerns about a national crime wave are still premature,” the numbers seem to paint a different story with murder rates in the largest 30 U.S. cities expected to increase 15.5% in 2016. Meanwhile, that number would be over 17% if the study reflected the most recent 2016 Chicago murder estimate of 800.

Two sample comments from Zerohedge:

USofAzzDownWeGo Dec 20, 2016 5:07 PM
Basically, the more niggers you have the more crime you have.

LOL. How rude. The next comment says the same thing, only much more politely.

El Vaquero gatorengineer Dec 20, 2016 5:26 PM
For 2014, the percentage of the population that is black by state has a correlation of .78 with the homicide rate. That means that roughly 60% of the variance in homicide rates from state to state is accounted for by blacks. I bet the correlation will be even higher for 2016. The biggest predictors of violent crime are not median income or anything like that. They’re race/ethnicity.

Link to Brennan Center Report

9 thoughts on “Staggering Increase in U.S. Urban Murder Rates Portends Huge Crisis

    • Civilization. When they get out of control, we can get caught in the crossfire. Right now, they are out of control. We have to pay cops, burglar alarm people, build prisons, buy more guns, etc. The costs are staggering, right?

      • They can kill each other all they want, but they are still being dumped into the system via welfare, EBT and dirty baby-mommas. The kill rate needs to catch up to the birth rate. I think there’s a case for government-funded abortion and sterilization especially for people of colour.

      • My idea has always been that if you want welfare, you will be forced to limit your family size. China has a one child policy. The U.S. might think along those lines.

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  2. I have the same question. Crisis for who? Every dead shine represents countless future evil YT’s who will not be victimized. It reps billions of evil YT’s tax dollars not wasted on these Orcs and, they will not reproduce anymore. All evil YT’s need to understand that law enforcement is not their friend, has no obligation to defend or save them in case of chimp attack, and that self-defense is each individual’s responsibility.

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