Parents wake up to find Jewish burglar with pants down holding their 2-year-old child

Between Jews and Mexicans, it’s sometimes difficult to determine which race is more degenerate.


TEMPE, Ariz. (WTEN) – Parents in an Arizona apartment complex didn’t expect to find a man holding their 2-year-old daughter after being awakened by her cries.

The incident happened at around 2:45 a.m. on Thursday.

Police say the father was awakened after his 2-year-old daughter crying in the living room. The father discovered that Oren Aharon Cohen had his daughter on his lap with his pants slightly pulled down and his butt exposed.

Cohen is accused of throwing the child onto the couch after discovering the father came into the living room.

As Cohen tried to leave the apartment, police say a struggle ensued after the father tried to detain Oren.

The child’s mother called 911 after being awakened by the struggle.

Police say Cohen was able to escape the apartment, head down the stairs and into the parking lot where the father was able to detain him.

Cohen is accused of refusing commands of responding officers and had to be tased before being taken into custody.

Cohen was charged with aggravated assault, kidnapping, and second-degree burglary.

He is not a legal citizen of the United States but is legally in the United States from Israel with a valid passport.

During the investigation, police say they found Oren’s shoes inside the 2-year-old victim’s bedroom, his coat wedged between her mattress and his passport on the floor near the foot of the victim’s bed.

Police say Oren also used the restroom across from the victim’s bedroom and drank orange juice from the refrigerator.

Oren told police that he was visiting and drinking with a friend who lives in the same apartment complex. He says he was extremely intoxicated and didn’t remember the alleged incident.

During an interview, the girl told police that the “bad man” gave her an “ouchie” and pointed to her butt. Due to her age, the girl was not able to provide any other information to police.

Police say during their investigation told then with 100 percent certainty that he did not perform or engage in any sexual acts with the victim.

Cohen was booked and transported to jail.

Hang him. There is no cure for pedophiles.

7 thoughts on “Parents wake up to find Jewish burglar with pants down holding their 2-year-old child

  1. Mr Cohen was obviously not at fault here and anyone who suggests otherwise is a filthy Nazi sympathizer and racist. Just an honest mistake on Mr Cohen’s part, nothing to see here folks. You’re free to go Mr Cohen, sorry that the childs father inconvenienced and insulted your integrity. ………….

    >>Between Jews and Mexicans <<< don't forget the negroes and goat humpers. It's difficult to award MOST DEGENERATE since they are all just as bad

  2. Mr Cohen is a self appointed Holy Man, like Rasputin. He did sexually abuse the girl, the father saw this, the girl told the cops. However he will not be convicted of any crime as this would offend the mighty ally nation of Israel.

    From Stormfront…..
    “Russian mystic Grigory Rasputin’s so-called czarist era brain
    trust was made up of Jews including:
    Aron Simanovich his secretary.
    Dmitry L. Rubenstein ($$$$$) a very rich banker.
    Ignaty P. Manus ($$$$$) another very rich banker.
    Ivan Manasevich-Manuilov a journalist.
    Volynsky another secretary, was a Russian, but his wife
    was Jewish.
    Rasputin once declared:
    ‘I have many Jewish acquaintances, they’re all right good
    (Oh yea, the history of the Communist Revolution proves that)


    ‘Everywhere one sees the directing and destroying hand of Judaism’
    Czar Nicholas II “

  3. What is not to believe? This is the story of a non-citizen Jew, whose father is a sex offender, and this Jew walks into someone elses home and finds a midget. Again, what is not to believe?
    I commented on this story over at Ambrose Kane’s Blog. His post did not have the story’s detail as presented in this post. My obvious question is why the cuck father did not curb-stomp to death this kike and stand over its burning body in the apartment parking lot while waiting for the police. BTW, I would respectfully request the Ambrose Kane Blog be added to your blog roll. The guy is a retired LEO and has great posts. Thanks.

  4. ” Between Jews and Mexicans, it’s sometimes difficult to determine which RACE is more degenerate. ”

    Ermm yeah well, whilst jews are indeed the most degenerated and evil type of “people”, infiltrating and virally infecting the whole planet, they are most certainly NOT bonded by racial homogeneity, but by satanism, which is really what their “religion” is all about.

    From the black-ass jews of Ethiopia, to the 100% Aryan-looking jews of Europe, they have infiltrated and infected every race/ethnicity/religion/culture thousand of years ago, and still doing that to this very day. A sort of plague our beautiful planet can’t seem to find an effective inoculation-for.

    Part of their many evil subterfuges, is to present this idiotic public image that they are a “race”.

  5. How many affronts will these poor jews suffer? SIX million? Tirelessly they labor to promote a willingness to be team players.
    They spend large sums of money for the homeless, they clothe the naked and house the unfortunate citizens who just can’t make it. I suspect some wicked NAZI here trying to ruin the parade. Please leave the poor Jew alone! Hash’t it suffered enough watching white people awaken?

  6. Hey homebuford,

    Thank you for making the distinction between White people, and them kikes, and also for being the ONLY person caring-enough, to pay attention to what I thought my comment (on jews not being a race) would trigger more interest.

    You know, homebuford, a very, very long time ago, the hyper/pure Aryan Hebrews (NOT the jews) were indeed chosen, not by God, but by a people they misconstrued as Godly to spread a purer way of living.

    Instead, the Hebrews got infiltrated, overpowered, and the infiltrators deliberately twisted the message’s meaning and started to tell people that indeed, they were chosen by God, but to a sort blanket covering (((them))) from every evil possibly imaginable.

    As demonstrated by the little response my initial comment inspired, you know that (((they))) are still VERY much in control, even in Saboteur 365.

    Anthropologically AND morally, (((they)) DO NOT have the right to racial-ship.

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