White Genocide: Tech Company’s Jetsons Ad Campaign Imagines a Future World with NO WHITE MEN

Oh for the good old days when The Jetsons were white.

Ad Age

Global technology, engineering and manufacturing company Arconic is channeling the 1962 cartoon “The Jetsons” in a campaign highlighting the coming innovations in the sky, on the road and in our cities.

Arconic, formed from the split of aluminum manufacturer Alcoa earlier this year, created a live-action reimagination of the world of “The Jetsons,” a TV series set in the then-100 year future of 2062. The spot depicts a world with flying cars, two-mile-high buildings, and new kinds of spacecraft, airplanes and cars, all enabled by Arconic technology.

“From the beginning we knew we wanted to create a campaign that featured Arconic as the future- oriented company that we are,” said Libby Archell, chief communications officer at Arconic.”The focus was on creating a campaign that would create rapid brand equity for a brand new brand…We brought together doing something future-focused and putting Arconic on the map quickly, and the idea of recreating ‘The Jetsons’ was born,” Ms. Archell said.

It’s called predictive programming. The new Jetsons has white women, but no white men.

Exactly how that’s possible is unclear. In fact, without white men to impregnate white women with girl babies, there will be no white women either.

The CEO of the company that produced this advertising is a white woman with a British accent. Her aim is very clear. To demoralize white males.

Sorry bitch, but we’ve got your number.

9 thoughts on “White Genocide: Tech Company’s Jetsons Ad Campaign Imagines a Future World with NO WHITE MEN

  1. Plus, the Jetsons were blonds and red-heads. I do not remember them as being colored mystery meat. Hmmmm, there is (((something))) not quite right here.

  2. Married family man George with two kids now is a mystery meat man with adopted slanty eye kiddies. Maybe he is a bum bandit who married and adopted just for convenience.
    They got the colours and races right for 2062 but not enough niggers. They just got the futuristic stuff wrong. In 2062 there will be warring tribes, still with AK47s and ammo. By 2162 or 2262 at the most, all planes, guns, bombs, cars, rockets will be a thing of the past. Wars will be fought with sticks and stones. The population of the world will be less than one billion. The average human will be dark brown to black or yellow and no whites exist except in hidden pockets here and there. By the year 3000 humans will be swinging in the trees again.

    Boycott Arconics. Ark-con-icks. BTW this bearded dude looks like a part time cook or male model bum bandit, not a Chief Executive if that is what he is meant to be. George also was not a boss, but a shitkicker with a very short, stupid and nasty boss.

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