Washington Post: Virgin Mary Offends Rape Victims by Her Purity

How many ways can a feminist demonize men?

How big is infinity?

Here’s a new way you couldn’t dream up in your worst nightmare because you’re still sane.

Insane Christian pastor Ruth Everhart has a book to sell. It’s called Ruined. The only audience for that book would be women equally as damaged as she. She thus needs to get her radically stupid message about the Church and the Virgin Mary out to those women.

Once upon a time, when space in newspapers was scarce, women writers like her would not be able to have their drivel published.

Now, the Internet devours words thrown together to create a new leftist narrative. A typically worthless narrative.


This year the Left’s annual War on Christmas has taken a bizarre turn with a Washington Post op-ed claiming that the Virgin Mary’s purity is offensive to victims of rape.

In an article titled, “Our culture of purity celebrates the Virgin Mary. As a rape victim, that hurts me,” Ruth Everhart explains that especially in the Advent lead-up to Christmas, Mary becomes a problem for many Christians because of her pristine purity.

Mary “set an impossibly high bar,” Everhart writes. “Now the rest of us are stuck trying to be both a virgin and a mother at the same time.”

As a rape victim, this has been especially difficult for the author, she says, which led to her becoming a pastor, in order “to come to terms with Mary’s story.”


Everhart writes that she doesn’t blame her sense of ruin “entirely” on the Virgin Mary. In fact, it isn’t really Mary’s fault, she states; it’s the Church’s for manipulating Mary into a model of purity.

“Mary is not responsible for what we’ve done to her story,” she writes. “Church culture has overfocused on virginity and made it into an idol of sexual purity. When it comes to female experience, the church seems compelled to shrink and distort and manipulate.”

To some people, “vaginas are inherently dirty,” she states. “They can never be purified.”

“And isn’t that the definition of hopelessness? Does it bother you that half of the human population is condemned to hopelessness because their body parts can never be pure?” she asks rhetorically.

Never mind that you can attend a thousand Christian church services without ever hearing a sermon on purity. Never mind that virginity is rarely held up as a model in our sex-soaked western culture, even within our churches. Never mind that Christians have elaborated an entire “Theology of the Body” to help people appreciate the human body and sexuality as a beautiful gift of God.

For Everhart, it’s the Christians’ fault when people feel sexually dirty.

“Maybe the church could ask body-owners to weigh in about their experiences,” she writes, as if most Christian preachers were incorporeal beings. “Most people have thoughts and feelings about their sexual selves. Having a body is complicated. It involves trial and error,” she adds, as if this were somehow news to Christians.

Yet, teaching young people the value of purity or to appreciate abstinence before marriage is no solution, Everhart contends. Purity is no model for today’s generation.

“We want to pretend sexuality is something we can lock in a box and keep on a shelf. But a lockbox won’t work. Neither will a chastity belt or a purity ring. Certainly not the abstinence pledges they make young folks sign,” she writes.

And turning to the Virgin Mary, Everhart asks: “How do you feel about what the patriarchy has done with you?”

It’s a good thing Mary doesn’t answer. She might be tempted to note that she fared considerably better at the hands of the “patriarchy” than she has from her feminist sisters who twist her story into something political, petty, and ultimately uninspiring.

It took her a while to get to the word “patriarchy,” but she got there. Once you see it in a feminists writings, you can dismiss the rest of her ideas as nonsensical most of the time.

Everhart is a fringe figure in American culture, but the attack on Christmas and Christianity isn’t something to dismiss. It’s part of the ongoing effort to enslave us in degeneracy by removing higher spiritual values from our minds.

There’s more than a hint of madness in the ideas propounded by the left as “intellectual.”

15 thoughts on “Washington Post: Virgin Mary Offends Rape Victims by Her Purity

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      • No, she is not. Nor is she Christian. The Bible is VERY explicit about women remaining silent in church and not to have authority over men. Period. Naturally, this doesnt mean women cant speak or serve, so stop right there before any whack jobs start complaining ; it means that they are not to hold positions of authority, like pastor/minister/evangelist/elder/deacon/etc.
        And she is no more Christian than Castro – just look at what drivel she puts forth.

        [I know you were being sarcastic Mr Saboteur, but others who read this tripe might be confused about it since she puts herself forward as a minister of God. She should be called exactly what she is – an antiChrist liar.

  3. What is this woman’s (((back-ground)))? Actually, it does not matter. The Jew Matrix’s influence is just one factor. The reality is that all women are tetched in the head. How much so is just a matter of degree. That men allowed women the freedom to spout this drivel shows how much we have devolved. We need return to the days of our fore-fathers regards women. That sounds shocking to blue/purple-pillers, but makes perfect sense to awake and aware red-pillers.

  4. Never permit skeptics, non believers, scoffers and the ignorant define any Christian doctrine, tradition or belief. For one thing, they have no concept of what they are addressing and for another they begin with an attitude of opposition. This is akin to a 1st grader instructing a surgeon.

  5. Joseph and Mary were legally married. If they never had any sex at all then then marriage was technically not legal and could be annulled at any time by either party. I am referring to modern laws and have no idea of the laws at the time.
    Marriage is essentially all about having sex and having babies. Without sex and babies there is no valid reason to get married. This is an argument as to why poofter and lezzo marriage mocks natural law and the actual Govt laws surrounding marriage.
    A man shoving his penis up another mans bum can not possibly consummate a marriage. If a man has anal sex with his new wife this also does not consummate the marriage, same for oral sex. It is said that many modern Greek females do a lot of this bum sex thing but remain virgins for their husband until they get married.

    Mary was a surrogate mother for God. We do not know if her egg is presumed to have been used or if God supplied Jesus with no human DNA from either parent. Can a woman who has given birth still be considered a virgin? The hymen is broken for one thing.

    In essence this female preacher is using the classic crazy woman thinking ” everything is all about me”. Her pride places her above the very people she is meant to worhsip. She should be defrocked – publicly. Scourging would also be good.

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