Sweet Revenge on Dog-Hating Muslim (GIF and Video)

Fun! Watch two German Shepherds tear apart a piece of shit sand nigger. Hopefully, he’s missing an ear or a couple of fingers.

Since finding the GIF, I found a video that places the rock throwing bastard in Morocco. The video was published in 2013. The video comes with sound, while the GIF is silent.

If you have social justice warrior friends who also favor the humane treatment of dogs, cats, and other animals, show them this video and ask them to justify bringing these disgusting savages into the West. The Moroccans are more civilized than most Muslims, by the way.

Youtube comment:

Muslims are afraid of dogs. Their religions dictates that dogs are unclean and must be killed and to be in the presence of a dog negates their prayers for the day. It’s fucked up but that’s just how Muslims are. Muslim immigrants in western countries often kill dogs which are being walked and even kill seeing eye dogs and many liberal politicians want dogs to be banned because they’re “racist”. 

15 thoughts on “Sweet Revenge on Dog-Hating Muslim (GIF and Video)

  1. It’s in the koran, Muhammad hated dogs because their barking alerted desert travelers when he was raiding them. What a shit religion, this is their great and perfect leader.

    • That has the ring of truth, Mo was a thief who loved the nighttime. Dogs are essentially defensive and not offensive. Except for bred and trained fighting dogs.

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  3. Dog also seem to hare niggers. I had a friend who was given a shelter pet after his terminal cancer diagnosis. The dog TJ was a true sweetheart and protective if I master. I’d accompany him when he walked the dog which everyone seemed o want to pet……but if a porch monkey got anywhere near him the dog went absolutely apeshit. He laughed and told me that his dog hated niggers and was a good judge of character.

    When I got out of the military lived a home for a while. Mt folks had a black Labrador retriever what would never hurt a fly but for some reason Samanha went off the rails of a nigger or homosexual came anywhere near ………

    Maybe dogs and cats should be given the vote; the seem pretty good at sensing true character

      • Long ago, farmers in Australia would have a few Black ringers (cowboys?) and would train their dogs to react to them by putting the dog in a sack, bashing it about a bit, then getting Jackie-Jackie to open the sack….first thing the angry dog sees becomes imprinted. Our native nogs still don’t do well with dogs, particularly black ones, funnily enough.

  4. The guy got what he deserved. Those that go looking for trouble, always find it.

    Maybe many or most whites aged over about 65 should get a similar dog for protection from diversity. Evens up the odds in a MultiCult lawless anarchist society.

    If Muslims truly hate dogs then large dogs are the perfect guards for oil wells and such facilities, and very cheap too.

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