MTV’s Anti-White, Sexually Perverted Propaganda is Dead (Mark Dice Video)

Great News!

MTV is failing. Conservatism is making a comeback. Mark Dice offers the facts about the dying leftist filth promoted by MTV.

Hopefully, the Jews pushing the garbage out of MTV are losing so much money that they’ll have to close it down.

Published on Dec 16, 2016

MTV, once known as Music Television, is dead. They have ceased from being a music channel, and are now a strictly a social justice warrior liberal propaganda outlet. Here’s a look at their latest views and statistics, which beg the question: how much longer until they go bankrupt?

8 thoughts on “MTV’s Anti-White, Sexually Perverted Propaganda is Dead (Mark Dice Video)

  1. So I can watch (((MTV))) or (((Mark Shouldice))) or maybe (((Stefan Molyneux))), I personally prefer the views of(((Henry Makow))) and (((Brother Nate))).
    So as you can see the 2% pretty much control the flow of information and are self appointed leaders for whites, on both sides of politics.

    I also like Pat Buchanan and David Duke, wow no brackets needed.

    MTV does not need to make money nor does any USA based Jew owned business which is “in” with the (((powers that be))). Any such business can get funny money from Jew banks or even direct from the Fed – if this criminal activity – electronic counterfeiting – is happening and I think it is, while the US Treasury looks the other way. The fed has not been audited for 60 years and they refuse to let the US Govt audit them, Their gold in storage also has not been audited for 60 years,

    • Ron Paul has a pretty good following on the Lew Rockwell site. I’m not sure, but I believe Rockwell is a Jew.

      Dice has a big following because he combines entertainment with facts and serious subjects.

      I almost posted a Paul Joseph Watson (not a Jew) video tonight dealing with the attempted coup against Trump, but it appears that the Electoral College will go Trump’s way later today. Watson’s delivery style has made him a huge star. Of course, his demonizing the left in an effective way has a lot to do with it.

      I also almost put up Paul Craig Robert’s column today:

      He’s fearful that the coup will take place even if the Electoral College goes Trump’s way. By assassination.


        There is also a ronpaul dot com. Both worth a look.

        Under the heading “Moscow Attacks” this gem…
        ” If there was any foreign meddling, it came from a Mideast ally, not Russia.” This article lists most of the coups and overthrows done by the USA since 1945. A very long list.

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    • The numbers that Mark Dice cites are really pathetic for all the money (((they))) put into that brainwashing operation. There was a show a while back that I never saw but it seemed to be pushing for white girls to become single mothers at age 16. Screw the kikes.

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