Daily Stormer Urges Troll Army to “take action” Against Jew Harassers Targeting Richard Spencer’s Mother


Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute is housed in a building owned by his mother Sherry in Whitefish, Montana.

The Daily Stormer is getting some free press for urging its readers to “take action” against the Jews trying to bankrupt Spencer’s mother through the forced sale of her building, and drive Richard out of town.

Bad news. Amerika.org is reporting that Sherry Spencer is selling her building in Whitefish and donating the money to a liberal, anti-racist cause. Perhaps Anglin’s group will have some success in reversing that horrible possibility. Otherwise, Richard Spencer will be homeless and essentially broke.

The Hill

A white supremacist website posted personal details of Jewish people in Montana and urged readers to “take action” against them.

The Daily Stormer, a white supremacist website, claimed Jewish people were harming the business of white supremacist Richard Spencer’s mother in Whitefish, Mont.

Richard Spencer is the president of the National Policy Institute, which has been called a hate group.

Sherry Spencer had previously told ABC Fox Montana that her business was suffering because people didn’t agree with her son’s “political views.” She said she plans to sell her mixed-use building as a result.

The Daily Stormer retaliated by posting personal information of Jewish residents of the town, calling them “sluts” and “super-Jews.” The list includes photos of people with Stars of David photoshopped on to their clothes.

“Are y’all ready for an old fashioned Troll Storm?” the white supremacist website reads, before it warns readers against violence or threats.

At a Washington, D.C. event last month, Richard Spencer led a “Heil Trump!” chant in which he and other attendees did a Nazi salute.

The brief article at The Hill omits virtually all the context to Andrew Anglin’s article, which they didn’t have the decency to link to so that readers could see it for themselves. All of the information published on Anglin’s website about Sherry’s harassers is public information. The article also emphasizes a “no violence” and “no threats” approach to the targeted “kikes.”

Here’s an excerpt from the Daily Stormer that covers what you need to know. I had to insert **** in places due to the WordPress policy on not revealing personal information. All of this info is public, but I’m not sure that WordPress sees it that way. Anyway, the full info is up on the Daily Stormer.

As the Forward tells us in their report on the attacks on Spencer’s mom:

“We certainly don’t want his ideology considered part of the Whitefish community,” said Ina Albert, an 81-year-old activist who describes herself as “very Jewish.” She was raised in Philadelphia and moved to Montana with her husband, the retired rabbi. “This is one of the most beautiful places on earth.”

There are only 6,000 Jews in the entire state of Montana, yet they’re 100% of the people trying to trying to silence Richard Spencer by harassing his mother.

So Then – Let’s Hit Em Up
Are y’all ready for an old fashioned Troll Storm?

Because AYO – it’s that time, fam.


Just make your opinions known. Tell them you are sickened by their Jew agenda to attack and harm the mother of someone whom they disagree with.

First things first: the Jew terrorist group Love Lives Here.

The Jew hate group Love Lives Here is led by Francine Green Roston, a confirmed super-Jew. She is a female Rabbi and a “community activist.”

Please call them

Phone: 406-309-**** (international callers add 001 to the beginning)

They also have a form you can fill with your complaints.

Ina Albert has an Amazon page.

Twitter: @inaalbert

Email: *********@me.com

Phone: 406-863-**** (international callers add 001 to the beginning)

We also have some contact information for her husband, Rabbi Allen Secher – who goes by Pizzagatey handle “The Naked Rabbi.”

Email: ********@gmail.com

Twitter: @thenakedrabbi

Next: Tanya Gersh

Please call her and tell her what you think. And hey – if you’re in the area, maybe you should stop by and tell her in person what you think of her actions,.

Address: *** Wisconsin Ave, Whitefish, MT 59937

Phone: (406) 261-**** (international callers add 001 to the beginning)

You can also leave a review of her business on Google, and perhaps note that it is front for an extortion racket.

Her Twitter (@gershtanya) doesn’t appear to be active – but her son has active accounts. You can hit him up, tell them what you think of his whore mother’s vicious attack on the community of Whitefish.

Jacob Gersh’s twitter: @Jacob135Gersh

Her Jew husband, Judah Gersh, is a kike attorney.

The Gersh family – what a bunch of creepy weirdo kikes!

You can give him a call or stop by his office and let him know what you think of his wife’s behavior, advise him to get a leash on that hoe.


*** Wisconsin Avenue
Whitefish, MT 59937

Phone: 406-862-**** (international callers add 001 to the beginning)
Fax: 406-862-**** (international faxers add 001 to the beginning)

You can also send him an email: ****@bigskyattorneys.com

He is on Google.

So – get to it!

Let these people know what you think!

Again – as always – don’t make any threats of violence and certainly don’t do anything violent. Don’t ever do anything illegal, ever. It is well within your rights to tell these people what you think of their actions, trying to extort Richard Spencer’s family.

This is very important. Calling these people up and/or sending them a quick message is very easy. It is very important that we make them feel the kind of pressure they are making us feel.

There hasn’t ever been a more important campaign than this.

So do it!

I didn’t check out every link that Anglin posted, but several of the ones I did check out have been taken down by Tanya Gersh.

The Jew cockroaches are scurrying back into the darkness from whence they came. It may be too late for Spencer, however.

13 thoughts on “Daily Stormer Urges Troll Army to “take action” Against Jew Harassers Targeting Richard Spencer’s Mother

      • I went up there in September. Went thru Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Idaho with my camera gear. Love it. Best part of the states. Great steaks, awesome grass fed burgers, and tons of blonde girls. I think I will knock on his door the next time I am up there with a few bottles of Wild Turkey. The folk out there tolerate the Jews. But would not let them hog tie one of their own–trust me: I have drunk a lot of bottles of booze in them parts: local folk don’t like “agents” and I don’t blame them.

        Anyway Paladin, my Youtube Channel is up: I am mirroring and re-uploading videos that were taken down by the MSM. Please let your viewership see this link and have them use extensions to download and archive these vital videos for posterity. I archive EVERYTHING. And your subscribers should also understand the importance of this…



  1. Look at the Spencer’s building address on Google Earth. The view shows a vacant lot. Their building is new construction. So they built a new building and rented its spaces. These busy-body Jews, who are parasite attorneys and activists (which means they contribute nothing productive, meaningful, or real, thus the term parasite) are denigrating people they do not know and people who are actually productive and meaningful. They are utilizing “evil Nazi” tactics to alienate, defame, and harm the Spencers. Gee, have not the Jews been telling us these last eighty years that they “suffered” the same persecution, because they were different and had different views/culture/religious beliefs? These busy-body kikes are a menace and need to be called out. BTW, check out Whitefish on the Internet. The property values and housing prices are off the charts. I imagine this nice place was settled by these Jews and libtards who then proceeded to Jew it up and try to shut out us evil goys. After my retirement from our (((gov’t))) in six weeks, I can join in on the reindeer games of trolling these b*stards.

    • I expected that real estate would be high there because it’s a resort area. I seriously doubt that the parasites are of the founding stock of the town, although there may have been a Jewish merchant there back in the day.

      It was satisfying to see how they had to take down their websites due to the trolling. I’m going to go back and see if there’s an opportunity to left to shit on any of them. I really don’t want to phone the Jews with my good phone since I could picture them harassing me with junk phone calls.

  2. I was reading comments over on the Daily Stormer. A commenter noted that in this small, remote, but monied and very prosperous town near the Canadian border, there were Jews in the population who had set up the SJW charity mentioned in this story. Riding on their high horse of “moral superiority”, these Jews defame and castigate Spencer’s parents, people who have done them no harm and who they do not know. This begs the question as to how much deprivation and persecution can there be in this town (which is a mini version of Aspen or Vail) such that the Jews started a “charity”. The answer is that this is an example of skeezy, grifter Jew psychopaths who set up a “charity” from which they skim a salary. They also help to drive up the property values and taxes shutting out the evil goy from their Jew paradise. REMEMBER THIS: THE JEW SCREAMS OUT IN PAIN AS HE STABS YOU IN THE BACK.
    Hopefully, the town’s population has enough red-pilled Montanans who will shun and shame these shameless kikes. OTOH, this town might be one of those blue-pill libtard oases.
    BTW, they need to change the town’s name from Whitefish to Gefiltefish.

    • “Sherry Spencer is selling her building in Whitefish and donating the money to a liberal, anti-racist cause”. Is this the Jew charity you mention, truth hammer? In this case, terrorism, threats and blackmail is rewarded. Jews terrorise the old lady then get all her money as a donation!
      Why on earth would she give all this money away, especially to her accusers and abusers? Is she rich? Does she hate her sons guts? Does Richard Spencer have mommy issues?
      Any charity run by a Jew is a scam and a racket with a of skimming taking place. There is one sucker and very crooked charity where Christians of the arms waving in the air variety and getting pushed backwards by bible thumpers, donate money to relocate Jews to Israel. Even though the State of Israel will pay all the costs.

  3. It’s unfortunate Spencer doesn’t have the means to support himself and get enough money to keep NPI going. One would think Alt-Righters would donate to his cause considering he’s the only one who is seriously sticking his neck out for Whites. He really shouldn’t impose on his mother causing her to sell her building.

    But, I do have a problem with his mother openly negating her son’s beliefs rather than saying she supports his right to have those beliefs and the right to practice them wherever he wants. Then she says she will donate the money to liberal causes, a real slap in Richard’s face. Can’t imagine my mother turning on me like that.

    Until the climate changes and (((they))) are stripped of their power, we can anticipate this type of situation to continue, so we better be on guard and prepared. I abhor the feeling of being in prison unable to walk freely without (((them))) saying, “Get back into your cell or suffer the consequences.” But, as long as everyone kowtows, giving them the power to do whatever they want with us, they are emboldened to continue.

    I don’t like Andrew’s choice of words, “sluts” and “super-Jews”, but no response from us is a silent approval of what these two (((twits))) are doing.

  4. Until very recently, it has been a situation where the networked jews, working together internationally, were free to stomp on any White person individually, and to impose embargos and boycott against our White nations. Thankfully, there are now enough awakened Whites so that those “white-skinned” jew networks can be challenged. Soon, more White American people will awaken as the jew’s media empire diminishes, and the jews are then in for some serious payback for their long and ongoing treasons against our countries and our race.

  5. Who’s the buyer? How many Jews ready to occupy after any and all Goyim tenants are squeezed out? No matter how few Jews there are, one kike can control the town and the real estate. The serpents are slithering in. Are the Jews getting ready in the NW for when the White Nationalists start re-settling the land?
    Something is missing in this story, which is more @ $$, the Jews god, than Spencer.

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