BREAKING: Terror Truck Attack Leaves 9 Dead at Berlin Christmas Market

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Liberal excuse: The Germans weren’t nice enough to their new citizens.

Fox News

A truck plowing into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin on Monday causing multiple injuries is being treated as an attack, according to German news source DPA citing police sources.

Berlin police said nine people have died and at least 50 people were injured when the truck drove into the Christmas market outside the landmark Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on Monday evening.

Local German media report that at first glance the incident was an attack on the Christmas market on the western part of Berlin.

A policewoman reportedly told German media outlet Bild that there was at least one fatality.

The incident is reminiscent of the truck terrorist attack in Nice, France this summer.

Developing …

9 thoughts on “BREAKING: Terror Truck Attack Leaves 9 Dead at Berlin Christmas Market

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  2. I’m sure it was those rascally Methodists……no?
    Ok, some wily Amish! They came from Germany, anyways!
    No again?…….uhh…..
    Ok, maybe they were Musli-

    Leftists everywhere: Dat Waycistz!!!!

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  4. It is very surprising that motor vehicles have not been used more often by terrorists. Killing lots of people is easy, almost too easy. I do not like to list ideas here because I am smarter than 99.9% of Muslims, they have little imagination. A lot of these terrible things have already been done by deranged people. Hollywood movies, also are full of such evil ideas. Luckily for white people Muzzies are simpletons. Is it not strange that Msulism (sic I do not want to change it to Botulism) never ever attack a synagogue, Jewish school or other Jewish target in the West, even though Netanyahu claims that Botulisms hate Jews and Israel.

    The joys of the season and goodwill to all immigrant divergent folks! Good news is that this sort of thing wrecks it for the two to five billions of human garbage not already in the West.

    What fun.
    In the future, all formerly white countries will have huge bollards protecting pedestrians from this sort of attack.
    All open air markets will only be allowed where trucks and the like cannot plow through the crowds.
    The local school where my kids went to 20 years ago is now a “wheel free” zone during school hours. There are no bollards but surely these will come, to protect kids from Muslims.
    Just a couple of decades ago Australian schools had open gates 24 hours a day and very low fences, 7 days a week. That is long finished with high fences all around and locked gate after hours – yet the fences are not truck proof. Killing children is like shooting fish in a barrel.
    i sincerely hope I am not giving Muslims ideas as with the last paragraph.
    As David Icke said about 911, how come the cave dwellers attacked two heavily insured buildings when they could have made the entire North East of the USA uninhabitable for centuries, by dumping the four planes on Indian Point nuclear power station?

    How nice and how appropriate that hard working tax paying people celebrating the birth of Christ and buying presents for their children should be massacred by alien Barbarians invited to invade the host country by atheist Commie traitors. The Jews will be very pleased with this report and so will the traitor Angela Merkelstein.

    Any white who does not vote Far Right and/or Anti Immigration parties is a fool and suicidal and a self hater and a hater of all his or her ancestors. Only Far Right parties can and will reverse this destruction of the West.

    • Who would have guessed the hijacker was an Afghan who came to Germany in 2016? He murdered the driver also. 12 dead is the latest body count.

      Are all Afghans murderous bastards? Why did not the Soviets and US military kill them all when they had the chance? Or the British 150 years ago up the Khyber Pass? How could a nation of 8 million (today) defeat those three mighty empires? What gives? Why did not the USA force a disarming of all Afghans except police and military? Anyone in civilian clothes carrying a weapon would be shot. This would have ended the war and stopped tribesmen from shooting each other and looting also.

      Exterminate every Afghan on earth, male and female. No more Mr Nice Guy. Forget about sending the girls to schools. Destroy the opium crops that the Taliban used to prevent. Maybe nuke the whole darn country and make the world better.

  5. Where were the cops armed with machine guns? They had been warned about an attack like this but did nothing. There should have been armed cops at at both ends of the market and they should have machine gunned the guy as soon as he mounted the pavement. This would have saved many lives.
    Also parked trucks or buses could have been used to prevent such an attack, Did they learn nothing from Nice? People inside tents are extremely vulnerable as they can not see the truck coming.

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