Judge Janine Rips Into Michelle Obama’s Claim that America Has Lost Hope Because of Trump

Judge Janine and Tucker Carlson are now American icons because of their strong words addressing truth to power.

In this Judge Janine Opening Statement she rips Michelle Obama a half dozen new ***holes for the comments she made about no hope in America to Oprah Winfrey. Michelle’s claim is that without Barack in the White House, Americans are now feeling that all hope is gone.

Judge Janine’s words about Michelle come as close as you can get to calling her a worthless Negro without actually calling her a worthless Negro.

Breitbart offers a couple of quotes from Judge Janine’s torrid response:

You lived a life few can even imagine at the citadel of power and prestige in the world,” Pirro directed at Obama. “You and your husband, blessed by God, and the American people, with the unique and historic opportunity to not only lead America from that shining place on the hill but impact Americans and give them hope virtually no others can. Now that you’re leaving, hope is gone?”

Pirro then defined hope as the strong response to Trump’s deal with Carrier that kept over 1,000 jobs in America.

“Hope is when people, 30 thousand at a time stand in line in the cold with their children hoping to get a glimpse of a man they think can change the course of their lives from the downward spiral that you and mister hope and change have put them on. I’ll tell you what hope and change is. Hope and change is when people show up 20 thousand strong after an election — desperate to see the man who actually brought back jobs to almost a thousand people when your husband said it was impossible.”

Trump’s response as reported at Mediaite

‘I Assume She Was Talking About the Past, Not the Future’

3 thoughts on “Judge Janine Rips Into Michelle Obama’s Claim that America Has Lost Hope Because of Trump

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    • Comparing Moochelle to a Wookie is offensive to Wookies 🙂

      I love Judge Jeanine. 99% of people I have sent a link to her vids blast back at me that she’s a racist Nazi hater……….there is no hope for the 99%

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