Google Pulls Another Anti-White Stunt

Try this: Google image results for European people art

Here’s what you’ll get:

I’ve noted these bizarre, anti-white results from Google before. It looks like they aren’t going to stop.

7 thoughts on “Google Pulls Another Anti-White Stunt

  1. I said this to a friend about 10 years ago (Paraphrased): In a few hundred years from now, Julius Caesar will be black, Napoleon Chinese, and Alexander the Great some kind of Persian. Whites will be completely written out of history. We will have never existed–except for Hitler and Germany, who will be demonized like Lucifer and the Elohim. Nearly everything that is happening on earth right now is about exterminating Europeans and appropriating their culture, and this is going to happen if something radical does not happen soon.

  2. Do not use the Google search engine except when your search engine result is a dud. There are many alternatives which have the benefit that they do not track you.
    I do not know which is the most honest. Search engines take bribes, those that pay go to the top of the search. For some reason “not for profit” Pooweedia always gets to the top of my searches, or near the top, and disguises the result as the site I want.
    I.e. big answer Joopeedia, small answer – what I am really looking for.
    Read the address before clicking. often spoof sites get before the actual result.
    Due to bribing, legally, the search engine. This is called commission, not bribery. Or “competition”.

    • Look up the Jewgle CEO. He’s pretending to be an Indian, but he’s a brown Jew. He hates white people. He’s a c*nt.

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