Jew Disinformation from Forbes: These 15 Billionaires Own America’s News Media Companies


Steve Forbes is a conservative Republican Jew. He seems like a nice guy, although his schtick seems to be “lower muh taxes.”

His father, Malcolm Forbes, was an investor and founder of Forbes magazine.

In this piece, Forbes mag purports to show the billionaires who own America’s media.

Obviously, the 15 billionaires named really do own what Forbes says they own. The problem with the article, which makes it a disinformation pys op, is that if you want to know who controls the news you hear and read, you need to know who owns ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and Fox. You also need to know who owns Google and Facebook.

As it is, this flawed list still names a disproportionately high number of Jews, although none of them are identified as Jews.

A small bio is given for each billionaire at the link. Here’s the list:


Here’s a look at some of the billionaires who own news media in the United States:

Michael Bloomberg – Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Media

Michael Bloomberg, the richest billionaire in the media business, returned to his eponymous media company in September 2014, eight months after stepping down as mayor of New York City….

Rupert Murdoch – News Corp NWSA

Rupert Murdoch, former CEO of 21st Century Fox , the parent of powerhouse cable TV channel Fox News, may well be the world’s most powerful media tycoon….

Donald and Samuel “Si” Newhouse – Advance Publications

Donald Newhouse and his brother Samuel “Si” Newhouse inherited Advance Publications, a privately-held media company that controls a plethora of newspapers, magazine, cable TV and entertainment assets, from their father….

Cox Family – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Cox Enterprises , owned by the billionaire Cox family, counts The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and a number of other daily papers among its many media investments….

Jeff Bezos – The Washington Post

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post for $250 million in 2013. Since beginning his run for president, Trump has accused Bezos of using the Post to get tax breaks for Amazon and sending reporters after Trump….

John Henry – The Boston Globe

Billionaire Red Sox owner John Henry purchased the Boston Globe in October 2013 for $70 million. Henry agreed to purchase the Globe just days after Bezos acquired the Washington Post….

Sheldon Adelson – The Las Vegas Review-Journal

Joe Mansueto – Inc. and Fast Company magazines

Mortimer Zuckerman – US News & World Report, New York Daily News

Barbey family – Village Voice

In October 2015, investor Peter Barbey bought the Village Voice, a New York City alternative weekly, through his investment company Black Walnut Holdings LLC for an undisclosed price….

Stanley Hubbard – Hubbard Broadcasting

Media mogul Stanley Hubbard is CEO of Hubbard Broadcasting, which has 13 TV stations, including a number of ABC and NBC news affiliates in the Midwest, and 48 radio stations….

Patrick Soon-Shiong – Tribune Publishing Co.

On May 23, Tribune Publishing Co. announced that L.A. doctor and pharmaceutical billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong’s Nant Capital was investing $70.5 million into the media company, making Soon-Shiong the second-largest shareholder….

Carlos Slim Helu – The New York Times

The New York Times published an article last Friday criticizing the power that billionaires wield over media companies. One ultra-wealthy media investor not mentioned in the story: Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu, who owns the largest individual stake in the Times….

Warren Buffett – regional daily papers

Viktor Vekselberg – Gawker

There are a lot of these infographics on the Internet that cut through the disinformation. This is one I picked randomly.

And don’t forget Brother Nathanael:

Forbes is easily seen to be a Jewish disinformation (fake news) outlet when you consider the truth focusing on Jews.

3 thoughts on “Jew Disinformation from Forbes: These 15 Billionaires Own America’s News Media Companies

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  3. Yes, the Juden own the MSM and have since the late 19th century. They have a lock. However, the Catholic and Protestant Church thought they had a lock before Gutenberg’s printing press. The MSM will continue but only as legacy entities and only for advertising platforms. They are the walking dead but do not realize it yet. The alternative media is like the larva alien eating them up from the inside and waiting to burst out through their chest. There are too many like us awake/aware evil YT’s who have shunned them. Without our evil YT shekels, they will whither and become irrelevant. Good riddance Jude.

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