Dylann Roof says not to consider his mental health in trial because ‘psychology is a Jewish invention’

Although nothing good has ever been said by me about Dylann Storm Roof, that’s about to change.

Roof isn’t groveling and offering excuses for his misguided actions, which have hurt the alt-right cause.

Instead, he seems to be moving toward making a statement to the jury which will decide whether to kill him, that he was morally justified in opposing the genocide of the white race.

It’s doubtful that his ploy will work in his favor or our favor. But at least he’s holding to his principles.

Furthermore, he’s absolutely right about Jews and their invention of psychiatry ( I assume he meant to say psychiatry, not psychology).


Dylann Roof has said he doesn’t want jurors to consider his mental health in his trial because ‘psychology is a Jewish invention’.

Roof, 22, was found guilty this week of the racist massacre of nine black worshippers as they prayed in a church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Now, his trial is moving on to consider whether or not he should be given the death penalty.

According to a motion he filed, handwritten, the white supremacist killer said he wouldn’t be calling on mental health experts to testify because he doesn’t believe in psychology.

‘It is a Jewish invention and does nothing but invent diseases and tell people they have problems when they don’t,’ he wrote separately in a journal.

He also fired his entire legal team and is now going to act as his own lawyer during the death penalty phase of his trial, which starts on January 3.

Roof opened fire on an historic African-American church, the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church, on June 17, 2015.

The same jury that convicted Roof of 33 charges related to the massacre – including hate crime and obstruction of religion – will soon decide if he is sentenced to life in prison without parole, or death.

In his handwritten note, he said: ‘I will not be calling mental health experts or presenting mental health evidence.’

Roof’s lawyers unsuccessfully tried to stop him from acting as his own lawyer, warning that he was a high-school dropout and was therefore not best placed to present his own mitigation.

They reportedly feared Roof fired them because he was afraid that embarrassing details relating to himself and his family would be presented in court as evidence, even though it would have been done so in an attempt to spare him a death sentence.

Prosecutors are expected to present evidence showing that Roof chose his victims because of their race and killed them to incite more violence, according to court papers.

They will also attempt to demonstrate that he has shown no remorse, and that amongst the nine victims were three particularly vulnerable people who were 70 years old or older.

State prosecutors have also said that they will seek the death penalty against Roof in a separate trial on nine murder charges, which is likely to begin sometime next year.

Whatever Roof says will be misrepresented by the press. For example, this article calls him a White Supremacist, which he is not. That’s just a label attached to him by the press. His writings showed that he liked Jews and thought that Mexicans could assimilate. His real problem was with out-of-control black on white crime. That doesn’t make you a White Supremacist.


By the way, no one has ever offered an explanation for who took all the photos of Roof that would put White heritage in a bad light because of him.

8 thoughts on “Dylann Roof says not to consider his mental health in trial because ‘psychology is a Jewish invention’

  1. What is done in darkness will be shouted from the ROOF tops 🙂 Luke 12:3

    The flag in Dylan’s hand is embarrassingly obvious…Photoshop

  2. Actually, it was Freud who was concerned that psychology would become a Jewish discipline. Psychology in Jew hands has become a demonic “science”.

  3. “By the way, no one has ever offered an explanation for who took all the photos of Roof that would put White heritage in a bad light because of him.”

    This statement belongs at the top of every page in neon lights.

  4. Jews invented the bullshit, highly profitable and manipulative “jobs” of psychoanalysis and psychiatry. I think psychology goes way back thousands of years, though maybe not with that title. The Ancient Greeks defined the 4 main personality types.
    Psychiatry is all about control and not cure. Plus peddling expensive addictive drugs to (mostly) healthy though unhappy people. Unhappiness is not a sickness, nor is being unlikable or eccentric, these things are normal.
    Psychoanalysis is all about extracting huge sums of cash from self absorbed victims wallets. This bullshit “therapy” goes for five years minimum and the only treatment is the fool customer talking. The “therapist” say nothing bar maybe a rare question.
    Psychology is not essentially about sickness and is never about drug peddling. Myers-Briggs identify16 personality types (4 x4) which they say are all normal and all mentally healthy. They are not saying there is no such thing as madness, just that all 16 personalities are not of themselves mental disorders.

    This young man hopes to get executed, this is obvious. I hope the jury will share my view and watch him rot in jail for 70 years with no parole.
    The best way to stop idiots “going out in a blaze of glory” is to arrest them and lock them up for ever, No glory in that.
    Also if a patsy has been drugged and brainwashed as this guy may have been, maybe years later they will be able to reveal whodunnit.
    That is why Lee Harvey Oswald had to be shot by a (((criminal))).

    • Maybe that’s the thing in the USA but not worldwide.
      Yes, Freud is said to be the father of psychology and was a jew, but most of current psychology isn’t based on what he said anymore. On the contrary, it’s based on Jung (who theorized 8 types of personality, especially introvert and extrovert which were discovered to actually be accurate from a neurological point of view) and cognitive psychology, which was made by ulric neisser (apparently german). Not to mention that there were other people who practiced psychology other than freud. He was just causing too much of a havoc not to get noticed.

      Also, found something interesting about Jung on the wiki (while trying to see if he was a christian or not). Just goes to show that what we see now, happened before. The jews are trying to make us go to another world war. Fuck the jews. Jung didn’t stand up to the pressure anymore, but it is still quite telling:

      Jung’s interest in European mythology and folk psychology has led to accusations of Nazi sympathies, since they shared the same interest.[94][95][40] He became, however, aware of the negative impact of these similarities:

      Jung clearly identifies himself with the spirit of German Volkstumsbewegung throughout this period and well into the 1920s and 1930s, until the horrors of Nazism finally compelled him to reframe these neopagan metaphors in a negative light in his 1936 essay on Wotan.[96]

      There are writings showing that Jung’s sympathies were against, rather than for, Nazism.[c] In his 1936 essay “Wotan”, Jung described the influence of Hitler on Germany as “one man who is obviously ‘possessed’ has infected a whole nation to such an extent that everything is set in motion and has started rolling on its course towards perdition.”[97][98]

      Jung would later say that:

      Hitler seemed like the ‘double’ of a real person, as if Hitler the man might be hiding inside like an appendix, and deliberately so concealed in order not to disturb the mechanism … You know you could never talk to this man; because there is nobody there … It is not an individual; it is an entire nation.[99]

      In an interview with Carol Baumann in 1948, Jung denied rumors regarding any sympathy for the Nazi movement, saying:

      It must be clear to anyone who has read any of my books that I have never been a Nazi sympathizer and I never have been anti-Semitic, and no amount of misquotation, mistranslation, or rearrangement of what I have written can alter the record of my true point of view. Nearly every one of these passages has been tampered with, either by malice or by ignorance. Furthermore, my friendly relations with a large group of Jewish colleagues and patients over a period of many years in itself disproves the charge of anti-Semitism.[100][d]

      Evidence contrary to Jung’s denials has been adduced with reference to his writings, correspondence and public utterances of the 1930s.[101] Attention has been drawn to articles Jung published in the Zentralblatt fur Psychotherapie stating: “The Aryan unconscious has a greater potential than the Jewish unconscious” and “The Jew, who is something of a nomad, has never yet created a cultural form of his own and as far as we can see never will”.[102] His remarks on the superiority of the “Aryan unconscious” and the “corrosive character” of Freud’s “Jewish gospel” have been cited as evidence of an anti-semitism “fundamental to the structure of Jung’s thought”.

      • He still said that the “aryan unconscious” was superior so he is a bit forgiven in my eyes 🙂

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