Boy, 3, Shot Dead by Feral Ape in Road Rage Incident When Grandmother Wasn’t Going Fast Enough

Virtually all the road rage photos found through a search show white men and women. I only found one black male portraying an angry driver. Reality is not as portrayed by the media which refuses to offend blacks by portraying them realistically.

Angry black author James Baldwin spoke the truth: Black males are in a nearly constant state of rage in America.

Following today’s murder, police are asking for the public’s help in finding a “tall black man” who fired into a car driven by the grandmother of the boy who was shot dead. The woman escaped unharmed.

ABC News

A 3-year-old boy being taken on a shopping trip by his grandmother was killed in a road rage shooting on Saturday when a driver opened fire on the grandmother’s car because he thought she “wasn’t moving fast enough at a stop sign,” police said.

The boy and his grandmother were at the stop sign in southwest Little Rock on Saturday evening when a driver apparently angry about the delay stepped out of his car and opened fire, police said. The boy was struck by gunfire at least once, they said.

The grandmother, who wasn’t struck, drove away and called police from a shopping center.

Police arrived at the shopping center and found the boy in the car outside a JCPenney department store. The boy was taken to a hospital, where he died shortly after, becoming the second young child shot dead in a road rage incident in the city in the last few weeks.

Police Lt. Steve McClanahan said investigators believe the boy and his grandmother “were completely innocent” and have no relationship with Saturday’s shooter, who was being sought. He said the grandmother simply was “driving the car and was taking her grandson shopping when the incident occurred.”

Police said they were looking for an older black Chevrolet Impala that was being driven by a tall black man. They hadn’t released any other description of the man and appealed to the public for help finding him.

Last month, a 2-year-old girl was killed when a car drove by and someone fired into her vehicle; the shooter in that case hasn’t been captured.

Police Chief Kenton Buckner said the road rage killings were frustrating for the police department and the community, especially because the young victims were “very innocent” and “can do very little to protect themselves.”

“We cannot have a community to where the least protected among us, being infants, who are dying these senseless crimes in our city,” Buckner said.

None of the three stories I’ve read about this unnecessary shooting discuss the race of the victim. If the victim is black, then we have the usual black-on-black murder that Black Lives Matter ignores.

If the victim is a young white boy, then we probably have a hate crime that the police will never charge. They and the legal system would prefer to chalk it up to a nonracial road rage incident.

If the victim is white, we’ll stay on top of the story to try to ensure that he gets justice.

5 thoughts on “Boy, 3, Shot Dead by Feral Ape in Road Rage Incident When Grandmother Wasn’t Going Fast Enough

  1. There is a callous indifference here that real humans don’t even relate to. It all sounds very in-the-moment with no thought or care for consequences, in other words all very Black.

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