War Drums: Hillary Clinton blames Putin’s ‘beef’ with her for her election loss

hillary nuts

Someone drive a stake through this woman’s heart. If she has a heart.

Hillary Clinton is beating the war tom-toms for her globalist masters again.

The meme that says, “Russia attacked America in an act of war” is being spread by everyone from Keith Olberman to Hillary to Obama.


Hillary Clinton has openly blamed the FBI and Russian interference for her election loss last month.

Addressing donors on Thursday night at a gathering in New York City, Clinton said a ‘personal beef’ she has with Vladimir Putin could be the reason the country decided to meddle with the race.

‘Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyberattacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me,’ she said.

‘He is determined not only to score a point against me, but also to undermine our democracy.’

Clinton put Putin’s personal vendetta against her to national protests following her 2011 accusation that Russia’s parliamentary elections were fraudulent.

She also brought up the FBI’s director James Comey, who released a letter about her use of a private server in late October.

Clinton has previously blamed Comey for her loss, saying that swing-state voters made up their minds in the final days before the vote on November 8.

However, whilst she reiterated this, the former secretary of state took a far harsher stance on Russia.

‘This is part of a long-drawn strategy to cause us to doubt ourselves and to create the circumstances in which Americans either wittingly or unwittingly will begin to cede their freedoms to a much more powerful state,’ she added.

‘This is an attack on our country.’

Her strong remarks come as Barack Obama promises that the US will retaliate against Russia for the alleged interference.

The Kremlin denies all claims of meddling in the US election, including that Putin personally signed off on it.

Hillary had to dig deep into her the pile of manure to come up with this foolishness.

What did the Russians do? You can’t hack the voting machines. They didn’t send millions of illegals over the border into the U.S. to vote for Donald Trump. Julian Assange emphatically denies that Russia was the source of the #podestaemails, hinting that Seth Rich, murdered DNC staffer, was the source.

Believe nothing this witch says. Believe nothing the MSM is pedaling about election 2016.

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7 thoughts on “War Drums: Hillary Clinton blames Putin’s ‘beef’ with her for her election loss

  1. If WWIII must be fought due to Hillary and ten or so powerful Jews, why not agree to fight the whole war inside Africa?
    Russia vs USA, cage bout, no holds barred including nukes, but all must be detonated only within the Continent of Africa, and ships very near by, say 20 miles or so.
    First move millions of Russians and United States cannon fodder to Africa, then start on an agreed date. USA could start with the South and Russia the North. The equator could be the dividing line.
    Killing of civilians is not only legal in this war but one of the main objects along with sinking all ships are shooting down all flying aircraft. Nukes should all be neutron bombs and must only be used against large cities.
    This could be one of the best wars in history. McCain should like my plan, it saves the USA from destruction. Neocons will like it as long as Israel is strictly out of the war zone.
    When the war is over the Chinese Commies will be Number One which is what the (((neocons))) want.

      • I never troll. It is an idea which would work out well in practice. Most wars are fought outisde the countries of the main protagonists. Look at Britain vs Germany both wars and Japan vs USA. In all cases almost no actual combat took lace inside those nations. Air bombing spoiled it a bit, especially the war crime bombing by the Good Guys, the Allies.
        Naturally no other country is told the truth about the plan.

  2. Hillary Clinton is actually one of Lucifer’s demons in a Hillary Clinton skin-suit. Do not make the mistake of thinking this creature Hillary is a human being and not one of Satan’s minions.

  3. Isnt it interesting that guilty parties / habitual liars etc ALWAYS accuse others of the exact crimes they commit…
    killarys handlers rigged the election – tho they didnt cheat quite enough – so she accuses others of interfering. israhell meddles in American affairs – actually CONTROLS the country – so [[[they]]]accuse others of meddling. etc etc ad nauseum…

    • 500 USA stooges rise 29 times to applaud the leader of Israel. This equals or exceeds even Stalins speeches where not standing and clapping, or stopping clapping first, meant certain death. Clapping then became non stop, ruining the boring speech, so a system was devised where one person stopped as a “conductor” and the band got the message and stopped. Not standing for Netanyahu means certain death at the next election for any US politician. You can almost smell the fear as you watch the video, which is Jew hubris writ large.

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