Twitter Troll Induced Epileptic Seizure in Jew Journalist Kurt Eichenwald

A couple of days ago I posted the video of Tucker Carlson giving Newsweek correspondent Kurt Eichenwald his head on a post.

Eichenwald was owned by Tucker, with Eichenwald coming across as a sleeze. You can watch that here.

Now, Eichenwald claims that he had an epileptic seizure because of a Twitter Troll.


For the second time this year, someone has apparently used Twitter to attack journalist Kurt Eichenwald by exploiting his epilepsy. In October, he revealed in Newsweek that a Trump supporter had attempted to induce a seizure via Twitter with an epileptogenic cartoon. Fortunately for Eichenwald, he was able to drop his iPad face-down in time.

Yesterday, someone evidently tried again. According to a series of tweets from Eichenwald’s account, they succeeded this time.

Eichenwald says he’s determined to have the attacker—who used the handle @jew_goldstein and the pseudonym (((Ari Goldstein)))—identified via subpoena and mentions both criminal and civil law as ways of bringing them to justice.

During an epileptic seizure, certain brain cells called excitatory neurons start firing over and over again, something that other neurons usually prevent from happening. Different types of epilepsy manifest differently; not everyone suffers from the “tonic-clonic” or “grand mal” seizure in which one loses consciousness and muscles start jerking. What type of epilepsy you have depends upon which region of your brain undergoes seizures.

Only some of those forms of epilepsy are photosensitive. But for about three percent of unlucky individuals with epilepsy—Eichenwald presumably being one—strobing lights have the potential to trigger serious seizures. The condition is more prevalent during youth, and not all flashing lights will reliably cause a seizure. But flashing-lights-as-a-trigger have seeped into the public consciousness.

I had seen some of @jew_goldstein’s work prior to this news. Sadly, Twitter has closed his account. He was doing some amazing trolling.

6 thoughts on “Twitter Troll Induced Epileptic Seizure in Jew Journalist Kurt Eichenwald

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  2. “mentions both criminal and civil law as ways of bringing them to justice.”
    This “epileptic seizure” may be fake – no evidence. nonetheless the “guilty” one may face several years in jail.

    An Australian man was sentenced to 11 years in jail in 2011 for hurting the feelings of one ugly Jew, face to face, plus daring to blog and post videos critical of Jews. His judge was a Jew, as seems to always happen in Australia with hate crime charges of Anti-Semitism. That must ensure a fair trial! A senior Jewish offical and many politicians turned up in town three day before the trial to make sure the fix was in. In other words, the guy was railroaded. His name is Brendon O’Connell. Brendon loves Coons, Abos and Palestinians so my sympathy for him is muted. Nonetheless it shows that in time many more opponents to the Jews will be jailed on phoney charges. Being pro Palestinian in Australia is in effect a crime. Maybe it is a crime everywhere.

    Brendon served 3 years in jail as five sentences were concurrent. He is now in exile from his own country.

    If anybody offends a white man there is no chance whatsoever of jail time.

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