MILO Holds a Pep Rally for Jesus

MILO Yiannopoulos is still traveling around the USA speaking in front of college audiences, triggering liberals.

In this video, titled

MILO: Catholics Are Right About Everything,

he triggers atheists with his defense of the Catholic church.

He correctly points out that America’s colleges and universities are the most anti-Christian institutions in the country.

The main reason I post his work from time to time is because for many college students MILO is the only truth they’ll hear for four long years. That and I feel a certain loyalty to MILO because of his unyielding support for Donald Trump.

In an ideal world, a MILO would not be necessary. In the real world, he’s a mild form of red-pilling that helps create curiosity about the alt-right.

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4 thoughts on “MILO Holds a Pep Rally for Jesus

  1. I still think we need to hold the line on homosexuality. It’s kind of like how I feel about nonwhites holding Trump signs…it’s like, thanks I guess, but you know that Trump is just the first step to a white ethnostate, right?

    • I don’t view MILO as speaking for the white race or for conservatives even. He’s just someone who has some truths figured out and has a platform to speak those truths that we don’t. I agree that homosexuals don’t belong in a movement like ours which holds to traditional values.

      • Stop being so soft. He has NO position in our cause. Homosexuality is an allowable offense only when it has no options. The fact that you allow it as a viable consent form is awful within the mandates of the True Neo-Right. Paladin: What are you allowing as moral sense here when you consent to these kinds of forms to be considered when our moral purpose says otherwise? Shame, man. Shame…


  2. OK guys, put your strategy shoes on here. It will do no good to vent our spleens about homos here, and no one will care anyway. Just ignore him and if he punches holes, enter them.

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