Instagram THOT Agrees to Sex with 13 Year Old Dubai Prince for Money


I keep telling you that Latins are the most sexually degenerate race on earth, but you won’t listen.

I’m not sure this one isn’t a tranny. Those Latina trannies can be convincing, you know.

Watch on youtube if you prefer:

Youtube comment:

But if this were a man agreeing on video to have sex with a 13 year old girl he’d have a first class ticket to life in prison.

Give this bitch the hammer.

There was a lot of texting back and forth about sex for money between this whore and her john. You can read all of it at Tag the sponsor.

Small part of the texting:

Shouldn’t this be illegal? Would the police do anything if contacted?

3 thoughts on “Instagram THOT Agrees to Sex with 13 Year Old Dubai Prince for Money

  1. Who is exploiting who here? The price is 50,000 dollars. Mad Mel is jealous. This girl probably does the same things in Mexico for ten or twenty bucks.

    I had to look up THOT. It is nigger talk.

    • She’s Dutch. LOL. That’s the way she’s described even though she is of Cuban descent.

      I had put up the meaning of THOT above the bikini pics since I didn’t know what it was either. I guess it’s not very visible in that location.

      Although Cuban, her overvaluing herself is typical of many of the local Latinas. They all think they have gold-plated pussies or something.

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