Inbred Desert Dindus Plead Guilty to Injuring Wheelchair Bound Woman by Setting Off Roman Candle inside Care Home



When Britain’s Muslims aren’t trying to have sex with 16 year old girls in public swimming pools, raping women on buses, or engaging in other mischief, they find a truly new way to show their inbred, inate cruelty.

How about firing a Roman candle into a nursing home!

The Sun

TWO cowards have been jailed after shooting a high-power firework into a care home that left a resident who has severe learning difficulties seriously injured.

Sabbir Ahmed and Muhammad Aktaruz Jaman Khan both pleaded guilty to firing the explosives into the home, with the fireworks starting a fire where victim Donna Stringer was sleeping.

The woman, who is confined to a wheelchair, was severely burnt on her arms and neck, with the 43-year-old also suffering from internal injuries after prolonged smoke inhalation in what police have described as a “heinous” crime.

She was left in a critical condition for almost two months, including needing a tube to breath, after the attack on November 13, 2015.

Ahmed, 23 from Bethnal Green was jailed for six years while Khan, also 23 from Bethnal Green, was sentenced to seven years jail after pleading guilty to charges of intending to destroy or damage property and being reckless as to whether life was endangered.

The extent of their victim’s devastating injuries have since been revealed with Ms Stringer having fallen unconscious during the attack at her residential care home on Beccles Road, Barking.

Ms Stringer will never have the full use of her hands again, with her unable to walk for long periods of time and needing skin grafts on her throat.

Despite having been discharged from hospital and returning to the care home, Ms Stringer also faces constant discomfort from her scars.

Other residents were also forced to relocate after the fire caused huge amounts of damage to the care home.

Police have since revealed they believe the firework was a “Roman Candle” firework that has five internal shots that are discharged after a fire is lit at the top.

Another light sentence administered by the British court system. And rarely a word about deporting these violent terrorists back to their turd world sh*tholes.

4 thoughts on “Inbred Desert Dindus Plead Guilty to Injuring Wheelchair Bound Woman by Setting Off Roman Candle inside Care Home

  1. According to the Sun, in England fireworks are “explosive”. But in Germany, the same day on this site, the Sun reports that a 12 year old Muzzies backpack full of such stuff was flammable but not explosive, even with lots of nice shiny nails there to make friends with German citizens enjoying a Christmas display. According to the nice German Prosecutor. Who needs a defense lawyer when the prosecutor does the same job?

    • Keeping the truth from the German public is for protecting Merkel as much as it is protecting the Muzzie scumbags. When you politicize the legal system and shut the cops up, you’re in big trouble. I wonder what would happen if an ISIS terrrorist assassinated Merkel. Would it be kept from the public with a fall guy getting the blame.

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