Exploding package. Karma for package thief (Video)

My keen eye detects a Latina thief at work in this video.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Dec 13, 2016

I got fed up with having my Jeep parts stolen so I decided to rig a package with a 12 gauge blank shell. Press play to see the aftermath..

Youtube sample comments:

LMAO that’s cool. I’m going to do one with permanent red dye should be easy enough. I’m thinking a 2 gal bucket over head full of dye with a light fishing line attached. Maybe add a little dog poop for add bounce. lol

When she picked up the box it triggered a shotgun shell with no projectile inside of it, stashed somewhere in the doorway.

So she pick up the box, there’s a loud explosion and flash of light and thinks she’s being shot at, though she is not actually in any danger of being harmed (booby traps that can do harm are very illegal).

3 thoughts on “Exploding package. Karma for package thief (Video)

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  2. It is a shame that man traps are illegal. One reason is that children and innocent people can get caught by them.
    As the bible warns “he that digs a pit shall surely fall in to it”.
    What this guy did was probably illegal also so unwise to post the video on AntiSocial Media like Foolsbook. (ASM) E.g what if mailman returned thinking he had delivered the package to the wrong address? Anything that intentionally scares robbers and blacks is probably illegal!

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